Khloé Kardashian Likes Post Saying Kris Leaked Taylor Swift’s Jet Info

August 4, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Khloé Kardashian likes an Instagram post joking that momager Kris Jenner leaked Taylor Swift’s private jet info to cover up for Kylie Jenner.

Khloé Kardashian thinks her fans have some clever jokes as The Kardashians star liked an Instagram post joking that her mother Kris Jenner leaked Taylor Swift’s private jet info to cover up for Kylie Jenner’s own controversy. Kylie is in the clear now that the world is preoccupied with Taylor’s private jet usage, with reports claiming the superstar has made 170 flights since January. A list of the top 10 celebrities with the highest carbon footprint was recently released based on a popular Twitter account that claims to have information about various celebrities’ flights. Unfortunately, Taylor topped the list, and Kylie didn’t make the list at all. Her family is not entirely innocent, though, as her boyfriend Travis Scott came in at number 10, and her older sister Kim Kardashian landed at number four.


Taylor’s team has already put out claims that the star regularly lends out her private jet and that all 170 flights cannot be attributed to her. Her loyal fans also jumped to her defense, saying she flys back and forth from London, where she lives with her boyfriend, to Nashville to visit her mother, who has been battling cancer for a few years now. As for Kylie, her private jet drama started when the popular Twitter account released claims that the Kylie Cosmetics founder was taking very short flights, with one lasting less than 20 minutes. She further angered her fans when she shared a photo of herself and Travis in front of their private jets, asking if they should take hers or his.

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The drama’s been going all week long, and now Khloé’s inserted herself into it by liking a joke that her mother leaked Taylor’s info to clear Kylie’s name. In a screenshot presented by BuzzFeed, it’s clear the Good American founder supposedly liked a post from the Instagram account @kardashiansocial. The video was reposted from TikTok and is captioned, “Who leaked that Taylor Swift’s private jet took 170 flights this year?” In the video, the momager said, “Kris f***ing Jenner,” as if responding to the caption. Apparently, Khloé found the joke very funny as she didn’t hesitate to like the post. It’s unclear if the reality TV star meant to shade Taylor or not, but it wouldn’t be the first time.

In 2016, The Kardashians stars infamously got into a feud with Taylor after she denied giving Kim’s ex-husband Kanye West permission to use lyrics about her in his song “Famous.” Kim cleared her then-husband’s name by releasing edited clips from a recording of the phone call on SnapChat that made it seem like Taylor was lying. The incident, which fans called SnapChat-gate, took a significant toll on Taylor’s mental well-being. Unfortunately for Kimye, in 2020, the full phone call leaked, which proved Taylor’s innocence. Like the private jet info, fans also believed Kris may have leaked the full phone call because while it made Kim look guilty, it still put public attention on the Kar-Jenner family. As the public knows, the famous family loves all publicity, good or bad.

Fans wonder if Kris actually leaked Taylor’s private jet info to make her look bad and save her daughter’s reputation. Probably not, but it was a funny joke. Kris is known for being an unapologetic momager who will do anything to protect her family. So the joke resonates with a lot of fans–and Khloé most of all since she knows her mother better than anyone on social media does. Hopefully, The Kardashians star didn’t mean any harm to Taylor and has moved on from the six-year-old feud with the pop star. As for Taylor, she better hope none of her private information ever gets in the hands of Kris.

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Sources: Buzzfeed, @kardashiansocial/Instagram

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