Klay Thompson Got A Technical For Taunting Dillon Brooks

December 26, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

The Warriors and Grizzlies have become arguably the most heated rivalry in the NBA today, as their playoff series a year ago sparked plenty of trash talk, bad blood, and accusations of dirty play on the court and on Twitter.

The young Grizzlies made it clear they wanted to face the Warriors on Christmas Day and got their wish, traveling to San Francisco to face a reeling Golden State team that is without Steph Curry, having lost its last two games by a combined 68 points. It seemed like a golden opportunity for the Grizzlies to pick off a win over the Warriors, but instead they found themselves getting run out of the Chase Center in what ended up a 123-109 Warriors win.

The two sides spent much of the game chirping at each other, but it reached a fever pitch after Klay Thompson drilled a jumper over Dillon Brooks to put Golden State up 117-101 and took the opportunity coming back down the floor to make sure Brooks, who had fallen on the contest and was sliding at midcourt, heard all about it.

Thompson picked up the technical, but in this situation he’s happy to pick that up to add to the embarrassment of the loss for Brooks and the Grizzlies. It’s clear that Golden State was just as fired up for this game as Memphis, and if anything the Grizzlies may have been a bit overconfident they had the advantage over the Steph-less Warriors. Hopefully we can see this matchup once again over the course of a playoff series, because it continues to deliver on entertaining moments, if nothing else.