L-Tido Launches New Podcast With First Episode Featuring AKA

November 17, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

L-Tido is back with yet another new podcast titled ‘L-Tido’ Podcast this follows the take down of his first podcast titled ‘Only Fans Unplugged’. The first podcast received a lot of backlash from viewers as they felt that the show was too explicit for their liking to an extent they reported each episode of the show of which lead to them resorting to the takedown. Unfortunately for all the haters, L-Tido refuses to take the L as he is very much passionate about podcasts and by all means necessary he will go into the space one way or the other and I guess this week happens to have been that time as he took to his socials to announce the release of the first episode for his new self-titled podcast ‘L-Tido Podcast’.

He definitely took out the big guns for the first episode as it establishes the taste that you can expect going forward and this highly engaging episode really did that. The episode features platinum selling artist, AKA as he speaks on numerous issues and of course wins in the industry. They spoke on the biggest factor that affects many artists badly, I am referring to Depression as many people suffer in silence from this factor and they refuse to speak out. This can have many repocassions towards the person’s life depending on highly impacted they are by their situations. I love how open both AKA and L-Tido are as they are both artists and they understand the music industry or rather entertainment at its highest so they are the best to shed light towards many minds.

I feel if utilized right by the music community and entertainment community, this will become the biggest tool for many that may be upcoming or established as we as humans can never know it all hence we need to make room for information and it is lovely seeing artists unite for a different cause aside creating hits. Congratulations to L-Tido on this major establishment as he continues to grow in different ways possible within the eyes of the industry and I highly look forward to the next episode as this episode opened me up to new information and I hope it touches many in the same light.

You can watch the first episode below: