Lamiez and siblings surprise their mom with a new car (Video)

Lamiez Holworthy’s mom gifted a car on her birthday

Lamiez Holworthy and her siblings surprise their mother with a new car on her birthday.

The DJ shared photos and videos of the beautiful celebration, and how they planted smiles and happiness on their mom’s face with different gifts.

The mother had received a cake, and other luxury gifts, then her children took her to where the car was kept.

As seen in the video, Lamiez’s mom was surprised, excited, and full of gratitude.

“Celebrated the most important woman in my life’s birthday the other day. All that I am, I owe to my mother,” the DJ wrote.

Lamiez appreciated her siblings for making the plans come true.

“A big s/o to my siblings @lush_thechef and @lariezhholworthy – WE DID IT!!! As for my mom? THE MATRIARCH- Leader of our tribe, thank you for all that you do for us, for all the sacrifices and all the teachings.
My greatest gift that I get from her? HER HEART. Anyone whose been fortunate enough to experience her, can attest to it.”

Watch the video below:





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