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This time the admin will discuss about Latest Information on China vs Taiwan Military Comparison which is now hot news again.

The Republic of China, better known as Taiwan, is an archipelago in East Asia whose territory currently covers several areas on the island of Taiwan, the Penghu Islands, Kinmen District, and the Lienchiang Islands.

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Latest Military Comparison of China and Taiwan in 2022

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US House Speaker Nancy Pelosi arrived in Taiwan Tuesday on a controversial visit to demonstrate Washington’s strong commitment to the self-governing island, which China views as part of its territory.

Nancy Pelosi is one of the highest-ranking US officials after US President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris who has also been a vocal critic of China for decades to come.

The planned visit has also angered China, which has recently stepped up its aggressive patrols and flights in Taiwan’s air defense zone, while conducting frequent military exercises.

China vs Taiwan military comparison according to The Military Balance 2022 IISS data quoted from BBC News which is the largest news broadcaster in the world, in any military confrontation, China’s armed forces clearly dwarf Taiwan’s armed forces.

As for the military imbalance between China and Taiwan, below are some of the military imbalances between the two countries that are currently hot.

Imbalance of the Number of Chinese and Taiwanese Troops

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The total military forces owned by China are as follows:

China Total Active Troops : 2,035,000 (land, sea, air and reserve forces) Tanks : 5,400 Fighter aircraft : 3,227+ Submarines : 59 Naval Vessels : 86 (main surface combatant class only) Artillery : 9,834+

The total military forces owned by Taiwan are as follows:

Taiwan Total Active Troops : 169,000 (land, sea, air and reserve forces) Tanks : 650 Fighters : 504+ Submarines : 4 Naval Ships : 26 (main surface combatant class only) Artillery : 2,093

According to a report from Dw, some western experts estimate that in open conflict Taiwan can at least slow down the Chinese offensive, they also try to prevent Chinese amphibious forces from landing on the coast, and launch guerrilla attacks while waiting for outside help.

That aid could also come from the US selling arms to Taiwan, although some experts say the Chinese army is more powerful than the power Taiwan supporters, such as the US or Japan, can bring to the region.

However, that doesn’t mean Taiwan will be completely defenseless against a possible Chinese attack.

Well, above is just a little information about the two Asian countries that are in the heat of fighting over territory.

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