Loki Season 2 Set Photo Reveals Sylvie’s New Look ‣ Viral.Spot72 Explored

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Loki Season 2 Set Photo Reveals Sylvie’s New Look ‣ Viral.Spot72
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Loki Season 2 is in production, and new behind-the-scenes photos from the Marvel Disney+ series reveal Sylvie’s (Soiphia Di Martino) new look and wardrobe. The new photo shows Sylvie standing outside a McDonald’s in front of what looks like an old pickup truck. Sylvie’s messy hairstyle and Egyptian totem earrings make her feel much more “civilian” even though she always wears something like her unique Asgardian outfit from Season 1.

As señaló, la pieza round dorada que Sophie usa como collar aparece astillada y/o dañada. It’s unclear if this is just a logistical piece of the costume that isn’t ready for filming yet, or a change meant to convey some sort of change in Sophie’s character or story. dentro Loki Season 2.

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Other photos of Loki Filming for season 2 in Hertfordshire, southern England, shows Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and Sophie together inside McDoanld’s, with shots from another scene showing a seemingly upset Loki who seems unable to make a connection with her. or be baffled by events. deployment. Owen Wilson’s Mobius is also seen on stage.

at the last of Loki Season 1 saw Sophie turn the tables to kill the One Who Stays (Jonathan Majors) and free the entire Marvel Multiverse once more, after being pruned and controlled for so long by the One Who Stays. Loki tried to stop him, but Sophie used a TempPad to get rid of him, except Loki ended up in a TVA version in a different reality, where one of the other remaining variants of him (Kang?) ruled this timeline. as conqueror.

the pleasure of Loki is that when season 2 starts, it will literally be a whole new show, with a whole new established order. What happened to Sylvie is a big question that Marvel fans have been grappling with for a year now, as the character is a true fan favorite with a much bigger potential arc in this developing “multiverse saga.” which will be developed through phases 4, 5 and 6. .

LOkay, season 2 will premiere on Disney+ in 2023.

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