Malaika Arrives At The Circle Without Wearing Pants; As People Watched, Hasina Came To Her Mind

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Malaika Arrives At The Circle Without Wearing Pants; As People Watched, Hasina Came To Her Mind – Kuri007
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Malaika Arora Confession: Bollywood actress known for item numbers Malaika Arora is known for her integrity and outspokenness. He often stays in the limelight with his photos and videos. Currently, he is in discussion about some of his posts. She wrote in the post that she once left the bathroom without wearing panties. After that, he was embarrassed. When this matter came to light, trollers started trolling Malaika. But some people praised Malaika for telling the truth openly in this way.

I forgot to put on panties.

Malaika Arora said in one of her posts that the time of Corona continues. People were scared. We were going crazy too. He wrote on his Insta story that I went to a restaurant this time. There I opened the door with my elbow. He lifted the toilet seat with his feet. He turned on the faucet with a tissue paper and went out after washing his hands. He went on to say that when he returned to the seat, he sat down and saw that he was not wearing panties. Malaika was very shy because of this.

Malaika Arora Forgot To Raise Her Panty
Malaika Arora Forgot To Pull Up Her Pants

Malaika’s photo

Even at the age of 48, she beats even the younger actors of today with her style. In such a situation, people are eager to see what he looks like. Then, and now, Malaika recently shared a glimpse of her latest photo shoot. Malaika is very active on social media to stay in touch with her fans. The actor recently shared some pictures on his Instagram page. Malaika looks so brave that it is difficult for people to take their eyes off her.

Malaika keeps herself healthy.

This killer smile on Malaika’s face is enough to make fans’ hearts beat faster. Malaika looks super hot in this look. If you look at his looks and appearance, no one would guess that the actor is 48 years old. She has remained strong and courageous even at this age.


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