Mampara of the Year Carl Niehaus ‘officially’ quits the ANC

Despite being expelled from the African National Congress (ANC) and being in denial about it, suspended uMkhonto we Sizwe Military Veteran’s Association spokesperson Carl Niehaus has “officially resigned” from the party.

Mampara of the year

Niehaus, who was overwhelming voted as “Mampara of the Year” after beating nine other candidates for Mamapara of the Year – with 51.76% of the votes by Sunday Times readers – shared the news about leaving the governing party on Friday.

“There wasn’t a single recipient to match this world-class mampara,” the paper wrote.

Sad to ‘resign’

Niehaus said it was with “great sadness, and much pain in my heart” that he announced and clarified his decision to resign from the ANC.

“I know that there are those who will continue with their cheap Stratcom political propaganda, attempting to undermine the gravitas and importance of this decision, by trying to argue that I cannot resign from an organisation that I have apparently already been ‘expelled’ from.”

“They know very well that since I have formally appealed, and filed my Heads of Argument with the ANC National Disciplinary Committee off Appeal (NDCA), the status quo of my ANC membership was maintained, and my so-called ‘expulsion’ suspended until the NDCA ruled on my appeal.

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“To put it straightforward and simply: I remained a member of the ANC, and with this media statement I am now resigning my membership,” he said.

Niehaus said he is terminating his uninterrupted veteran ANC membership of over 43 years, with immediate effect.

“I have already e-mailed a copy of this media statement, together with a short covering letter to the Office of the ANC Secretary General (SO).”


Niehaus added that he has also instructed his legal representative, Mathews Phosa, to officially withdraw his appeal against his expulsion from the ANC.

“To proceed with my appeal will be illogical, and a waste of time and effort. There is also no need to subject myself to the continuing farcical kangaroo court of the ANC National Disciplinary Committee, and by extension the National Disciplinary Committee of Appeal.”

“The trumped-up charges that were brought against me never had any shred of validity. Under that pompous vacuous moronic windbag Fikile Mbalula, who now so farcically emerged as the Secretary General (SG) of the ANC, there is no chance that any appeal will be adjudicated fairly,” he said.


Niehaus continued with his unmatched idiocy and theatrics in the long mundane statement, speaking about the dedication and sacrifices that he made in pursuit of the “full liberation of black, especially African South Africans, as a member of the ANC.”

“The ANC of John Langalibile Dube, Lilian Ngoyi, Charlotte Maxeke, Helen Joseph, Braam Fischer, Chief Albert Luthuli and Oliver Reginald Tambo, that I joined 43 years ago, has by design deliberately been killed. It no longer exists. I have not left the ANC, the ANC has left me.”

Niehaus has called on other ANC members also to resign from the party.

“I call on all fellow comrades who still share those ideals for full liberation to also resign, and to leave this hollowed out Trojan horse of neoliberal imperialism to implode on its own.

“Which it certainly will! The upcoming national elections of 2024 will be the final death knell of the majority party status, of this thing that the sell outs still try to call the ‘ANC,” he said.

What now for Niehaus?

Niehaus said he will continue his liberation ideals that first brought him to joining the ANC

“Personally, absolutely nothing has changed for me. I will continue to be fully part of the struggle for Radical Economic Transformation (RET), and full liberation.”

Niehaus was expelled by the ANC national disciplinary committee (NDC) earlier this month.

He faced six charges of misconduct in relation to comments he made in the lead-up to the jailing of former President Jacob Zuma last year.

The ANC accused him of bringing the party into disrepute.

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