Man in viral dog abuse video faces felony charge

August 9, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Due to the graphic nature of the video, WMBD will not be attaching the video of animal cruelty to this story.

PEORIA COUNTY, Ill. (WMBD) — The man in a viral dog abuse video out of Dunlap has been charged with a felony, according to Peoria County State’s Attorney Jodi Hoos.

Tuesday, 39-year-old Nicholas Prince was indicted for animal torture, a Class 3 felony, as well as animal cruelty, a Class A misdemeanor.

In the graphic video, Prince is shown repeatedly beating and punching 13-month-old Mika, a feisty German Shepherd who loves belly rubs, for nearly a minute.

Prince was originally arrested on a misdemeanor offense, but as more information and the brutal nature of the abuse surfaced, Hoos said it justified adding a felony charge and expediting the case through the Peoria County Grand Jury.

Furthermore, because Prince was arrested on a misdemeanor, he was allowed to post bond before the State’s Attorney’s office could review the case. 

With a felony charge added to the case, Hoos said they will request a higher bond from the court.

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