Matt Barnes Says He Kept Player And Coach From Fighting Skip Bayless –

January 5, 2023 0 By Cypher9ja

Matt Barnes has revealed that he once kept a professional sports player and a coach from fighting Skip Bayless. The former NBA player and All The Smoke cohost recalled two separate instances in which Bayless’ remarks nearly provoked violence while lashing into the sports pundit in a clip posted on Instagram.

“I know personally that I’ve had to diffuse two situations,” Barnes said. “One with a coach, and one with an NBA player. They wanted to f**k Skip up. One was this year, one was last year. Luckily, cooler heads prevailed, but it’s just gone too far in my opinion.

The NBA champion’s revelation comes amid backlash received by Bayless over comments he made regarding the NFL’s decision to call off the Monday Night Football matchup between the Buffalo Bills and Cincinnati Bengals following Bills safety Damar Hamlin’s injury.

The FS1 analyst, who shared his opinion in a post on social media, was blasted by numerous sports figures and even incensed his Undisputed cohost Shannon Sharpe, who did not appear on the show on Monday (Jan. 2). Upon Sharpe’s return the following day, the three-time Super Bowl champion became embroiled in a heated exchange with Bayless, angrily shouting at the 71-year-old for continuously interrupting him while expressing his points.

Barnes says that although Sharpe and Bayless have a good rapport, their relationship is in danger of running its course.

“Shannon’s had a lot of love or does have a lot of love for dude, but you can even see Shannon’s fed up.” The Cali native also voices his belief that Bayless’ words will eventually cause him physical harm if he continues to insult, disrespect, and demean people. “Someone’s gonna end up hurting Skip.”

Skip Bayless And Shannon Sharpe Wearing Suits

TV sports commentators Skip Bayless (L) and Shannon Sharpe attends the 2016 IAVA Heroes Gala at Cipriani 42nd Street on November 10, 2016 in New York City.

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He continued, adding, “I just feel as of late he’s been very very very disrespectful and out of pocket, and that’s normal, but he’s been that way to Shannon [Sharpe]. I think Skip’s day is coming, and it may not be from a firing standpoint because you know white men in this profession can kinda get away with and do what they want.”

Barnes didn’t disclose the names of the people he alleges wanted to fight Bayless, however, one person who’s been vocal about his desire to shoot the fade with the former reporter is Barnes’ All The Smoke cohost and friend Stephen Jackson. The former NBA star recently threatened to slap Bayless for his perceived insensitivity regarding Hamlin’s injury, who is currently in critical condition after experiencing cardiac arrest after taking a hit during the Bills’ game against the Bengals.

Watch Matt Barnes address Skip Bayless below.