Meta Tests a New Livestreaming Platform for Influencers: Super

August 4, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

  • Meta’s new product experimentation team is testing a livestreaming platform for influencers. 
  • Fewer than 100 creators have used the new product, called Super, which is in early stages of testing.
  • Read the 17-page deck Meta shared with influencers for product feedback.

Meta appears to be ramping up its testing of a new platform that allows users to host interactive livestreams, engage with fans, and earn revenue.

Multiple creators told Insider the company had reached out this week, asking them to try out the new product.

The product, called Super, went into development in late 2020, and since then, a new product experimentation (NPE) team has been testing the tool.

In 2020, Bloomberg reported on the feature, calling it a “Cameo-inspired tool” similar to FaceTime. Yet, as the tool has continued to develop, it has become an interactive livestreaming product, with similar functionality to Twitch.

Fewer than 100 creators, including tech influencer Andru Edwards and TikTok star Vienna Skye, have used Super so far. Creators can request access directly on the site, and Meta has also invited creators to test it out. Anyone with a link can view the homepage and tune into a livestream. 

Super is not an extension or new feature of Instagram, Facebook, or any of Meta’s already existing products, a Meta spokesperson told Insider.

“It’s a standalone project,” the spokesperson said about Super. “Right now, it’s web only. They have been testing it very quietly for about two years. The end goal [of NPE projects] is ultimately creating the next standalone project that could be part of the Meta family of products.” The spokesperson said the outreach this week was part of a drive to get more creators to test Super.

Super has already been through multiple iterations, and the team has thought through a number of ways to monetize the tool.

In 2021, the team at Super shared a pitch deck with a small set of influencers to collect feedback on what a sponsored Super could look like, according to a leaked deck shared with Insider.

The goal of the deck was to get feedback on a potential sponsorship model, the spokesperson said. The information in the deck, including the brand deals and functionality, were mock ups.

As of now, the product runs on a tiered system, with fans paying for access to features included in the stream. Fans can also leave a tip for creators. Creators keep 100% of the income earned through the tired system and tipping feature.

To encourage influencers to test the feature, Meta has paid creators between $200 and $3,000 to use the feature for 30 minutes, according to a source close to these deals who spoke on the condition of anonymity, but whose identity is known to Insider.

A second creator industry insider said their client was asked to join Super through a message sent over Instagram direct message earlier this week.

Chris Thompson, an influencer with over 1 million followers on TikTok, was paid by Meta to test the feature several times. There were also several paid incentives based on the performance of the live stream, he said.

“I think it’s a great streaming option for those who don’t have the desire to make their own layouts,” Thompson wrote to Insider, adding that he enjoyed using the trivia function.

For now, Super is in early testing stages, and Meta will continue to develop the app and learn from the tests.

Meta launched its NPE program in 2019, and the team has tested several products, including rivals to TikTok, Twitter, and Clubhouse, according to TechCrunch. NPE teams typically range from about 3 to 7 staffers, the spokesperson said.

It makes sense that livestreaming would be on Meta’s radar. Creator economy startups and major platforms like Amazon, YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok have been integrating livestreaming and shopping tools into their technology.

Read the pitch deck Meta used to get feedback on the product in 2021, below: 

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