Mo Setumo explains why Tshedi does the things she does

There’s a new horrible older sister in town and viewers of The Wife just don’t get why Tshedi Montsho, played by actress Mo Setumo, takes things as far as she does. 

According to Showmax, Tshedi is the loyal older daughter of Kgosi Montsho and Naledi’s elder sister. However, she was never as smart as Naledi and from an early age, she could tell that Naledi was Kgosi’s favourite. 

“So, in response, Tshedi subconsciously starts taking her duty as the eldest seriously – this is her way of seeking Kgosi’s approval. But, her actions become more and more questionable as she tries to assassinate her little sister’s character.”

So why, exactly, does Tshedi take things as far as she does? Showmax caught up Mo Setumo to find out more about her character.

This comes after she orchestrated the recording and leaking of a sex tape featuring her sister and her star-crossed lover, Qhawe Zulu. The sex tape has gone viral and more and more people are realising that it is Naledi in the video which is taking a major knock on the reputation of the chief’s preferred successor, Dr Naledi Montsho. 

What makes your character interesting?

Tshedi is very layered, she’s always scheming and you never know what she has up her sleeve. I think that’s what gives her that element of being interesting. She’s always up to something.

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How can the audience relate to your character?

Firstly, I hope no one relates to my character because if you do and you’re an older sister then you’re a problem. Tshedi is a problem for Naledi, for her dad and so I hope you don’t relate.

Do you know anyone in real life who is like Tshedi?

There’s a lot, but I can’t say names because I can’t expose people. But it’s justified, you know how parents always make the older siblings feel like they are the parents and the youngest are the favourite ones. Parents need to start loving their children the same and treat them equally. That way, they won’t have a Tshedi situation.

Other than Tshedi, who is the most interesting character in The Wife, and why?

I find Ntsika, the youngest Zulu brother, very interesting.

Why is Sefako a better suitor for Naledi?

First of all, Tshedi doesn’t believe that. If Naledi marries Sefako then Tshedi won’t get what she wants. I also think people should be able to go with who they really love. They shouldn’t be told who to love. So Naledi should go with who she loves and that’s Mo speaking.

Gaisang K Noge
Gaisang K Noge as Naledi Montsho on ‘The Wife’ | Picture: Supplied

What is it about Setswana culture that makes the story interesting?

I love that question. I think we are always viewed as the sweet and gullible tribe. Now you’re about to see that we also got bombs, we also got flames and we can also kill. But with a dash of elegance.

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