Moja Love defends airing the GBV episode on ‘Iscenane Lengane’ |

January 24, 2023 0 By Cypher9ja

An episode of Moja LOVE’s controversial show Isencane Lengane caused much furore amongst viewers after the husband become violent towards his wife. 

The DStv channel on 159 is known to push the boundaries of real stories such as other reality shows Uyajola 9/9. 

Isencane Lengane follows young married teenage couples and their, at time, turbulent relationships.

During an episode on Sunday, viewers were shocked when married couple Thando Msomi and Siyacela Dlamuka were engaged in an argument that escalated in Dlamuka becoming physically violent towards Msomi.

Clips of the altercation went viral before the channel deleted the teaser video.

Moja LOVE responds

Because of the uproar from viewers, the channel released a statement on Monday, responding to the criticism of broadcasting the episode which triggered some audience members. 

“Moja LOVE would like to put it on record that the channel does not condone GBV in any way. Moja LOVE prides itself on producing content that reflects the reality in our society, including social ills, and as such could not sweep the GBV incident between Thando and Siyacela under the carpet. 

“In a country burdened by gender-based violence and femicide, Moja Love has a responsibility to reflect and show the extent of this pandemic,” their statement read. 

The channel said their crew members intervened the moment the incident happened including getting the police involved. 

They further stated that Msomi was given the option to open a case against her husband but she declined. 

“Counselling was offered to Thando [Msomi] immediately to deal with her trauma and the channel is monitoring her progress.” 

Head of Moja LOVE, Bokani Moyo, added that they take any incidences of violence seriously and defended their decision to air the episode. 

“It was important to air this episode of Isencane Lengane as it is our social responsibility to educate our audience and mirror what is happening in our communities.

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Twitter wasn’t impressed with the channel’s response, as some have called for the show to be cancelled while others said it was a good decision to air it, as it showed the abusive behaviours of Dlamuka. 

Reactions to Moja LOVE’s statement on GBV Isencane Lengane episode: