Naomi Osaka posts cryptic tweet amid Corde split rumors

August 3, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

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Rumors are claiming that Naomi Osaka and her boyfriend, Corday, are headed for a split, and although the tennis star hasn’t addressed the speculation, she has posted a cryptic tweet that surprised her fans. What is she talking about?

Naomi and her rapper boyfriend started dating three years ago, but they made their relationship public only in 2021.

This is not the first time that people have taken the liberty of talking about their romantic life, as a few days back, similar rumors suggested that they had broken up.

Then neither Naomi nor Corday addressed it.

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Naomi Osaka shared a cryptic tweet

Naomi’s latest tweet has her followers wondering if her post from a few hours ago is her way of dispelling all the rumors that she and Corday had split.

without mentioning anything, tennis star just Tweeted: “People really believe in anything and run with what they deserve”.

Her post comes just hours after her and Corday trended on Twitter for all the wrong reasons.

Meanwhile, Corday isn’t even bothered about what people say about his romantic life because he’s engaged. preview of their new music,

HITC has contacted both Naomi and Cardo for comment on all the rumours. But, at the time of publication of this article, we are yet to receive any response.

Fans react to Corde split rumors

While some fans believe unverified rumors about the celebrity couple, others feel that Naomi’s tweet is her way of negating the speculation.

“Guys, did Corday and Naomi Osaka break up,” Asked A concerned fan.

Another Fan Who Isn’t Buying Rumors wrote: “Why did you guys hate Naomi with Corday so much”

Adding to the above tweets, a Asked, “Is it true that Naomi and Corday have split?”

“Corday and Naomi broke up..?? Say it’s not good enough,” commented one heartbroken fan.

Responding to his tweet, a fan Told: “Rumors of Naomi Osaka and Corday’s breakup were doing rounds on Tuesday. Now, Naomi is denying that there is any truth to her and Corday’s separation. They have been together for more than two years now. ,

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they keep their relationship private

Naomi and Corday have always been private about their relationship. Unlike the early stages of their relationship, they make public appearances together at events and post adorable pictures on social media.

Nevertheless, they make sure that their relationship remains secure.

Talking about the same, Corday once told GQ: “We were dating for almost a year before people knew about us. So we kind of walk in a lot of solitude. We don’t really post intimate moments, because I think they are sacrosanct. A relationship is indeed a sacred thing. Once you let outside influences get into it, it becomes less sacrosanct.”

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