Nasty C Opens Up About Life In New Freestyle ‘no big deal’

November 24, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Nasty C surprised the whole industry this morning with a new freestyle where he addresses all the issues he faced in the industry without any malice intended as he felt the need to bundle up his emotions and thoughts and release them in the freestyle. The freestyle attends to the so called ‘beefs’ with A-Reece and Sarkodie and all he wants to tell the artists is that he has respect and love for them and means no harm with all the things he mentions within the freestyle. He further touches on the disrespect and misrepresentation of his image by the press in Accra when he was asked about an artist name, ‘Shatta’.

He also touches on the betrayal he experienced with certain individuals that he was close with and all it did was hurt him even more especially the words that they expressed at that moment hence they no longer close. He further speaks on his late little brother, Yoshi as he had a huge impact in the way he views life.

As much as this is deemed as a freestyle, I choose to see it as therapy for the artist as he is diarising his life and issues in a song and that is even more artistic as vulnerability is one thing that many artists fear to show within their art as they don’t want to be seen as ‘weak’ but vulnerability doesn’t make you weak if anything it makes you stronger as you address all the things that are sitting on your chest instead of letting them pile up, you address them and deal with them in due time as you focus on healing.

This freestyle is a must Listen to as it is one hack of a beautiful experience as Nasty C lets us into his world to learn more about his thoughts.

Stream the ‘no big deal’ freestyle below: