{News} The ASEFON You Don’t Know

December 3, 2020 0 By Cypher9ja


“The ASEFEFON You Don’t Know”

“The first thing is to be honest with yourself, You can never have an impact on society if you have not changed yourself. Great peacemakers are all people of integrity, of honesty, but humility.”

It saddens my heart and weaken my inner self to begin this article with the honest fact that Asefon as an individual lack the basis on which leadership is measured and the aforementioned moral principles are the very basic things he lacks as human which nullifies his capacity,capability and prowess to lead .

As an association with a common goal to serving,representing,and seeing to the welfare of her dear members,it is pertinent to reiterate that we need a leader who will have empathy and sympathy for Nigerian students because he cares for them and not his pocket.

I have been wondering and really baffled about this our dear association and the great calamity that will befall it(God forbid) if we have a selfish and nonaltruist like Asefon piloting the affairs of the association and I couldn’t help but come out openly,with the consent of the concerned stakeholders who mean well for the association to warn and acquaint us with the needed information on the “Asefon we don’t know”

As our proceed,permit me to remind us that “our deeds determine us,as much as we determine our deeds” and as such Asefon can not do away with his deeds which we have known overtime and his covetous acts which is no longer a news to us.

Indeed,nearly all men can stand adversities but if you want to test a man’s character test him with power.
I have been wondering if Asefon in the past never thought of days like this, I have been embattled with whether Asefon never pictured himself aspiring for NANS top seat,perhaps maybe he would have portrayed himself well when he was given the avenue to serve but sadly Asefon has been nothing but a worm and parasite to the students community.

I must confess it is sardonic that some set of individuals who claim to be leader(self acclaimed) and lover of the Nigerian students are parading around and rooting for Asefon as the next NANS Global President.
As much as I would have loved to remain silent and observe,I feel posterity will not be kind to me if I’m silent at this critical time and fate deciding time of our dear association.
It becomes a necessity to open the eyes of this innocent young generation of students and SUG Presidents to know who Asefon is really is.

Asefon is an individual I’ve studied overtime and it is melancholic that I can only conclude Asefon is a true and right definition of a “THIEF” and it has always been a great heartbreak for me having to picture the kind of association we will have under Asefon(castatastrpphic and suicidal cum a huge distingeration).

Sadly this piece will be incomplete if I fail to talk about the atrocities of Asefon as Zone D Coordinator few years ago as they can never be forgotten, indeed “Jesus wept”

It is so surprising that Asefon wants us to forget the trailer of rice he collected from TB Joshua with/in the name of Nigerian students and how he sold the rice and used the proceedings to develop his house in Ekiti.

With all honesty,I have been wondering and seriously thinking and baffled,how will Asefon go about making us forget his major roles to denying justice in the case of Olabisi Onabanjo University students whose lives were lost inside a commercial bus and not forgetting the sum of nothing less than 2million niara(#2,000,00) to truncate justice.

As if those were not enough, O Asefon!!!
Asefon did not stop there,Asefon being a power monger definitely will not desist from his evil and devilish acts suicidal to students community.

Oh! Asefon has forgotten how he turned himself to the landlord of Ekiti JCC,how he made the chairmen toothless with his incessant threats to use EYE cult to bring them down and thereby destroying the JCC members if they dare challenge him or go against his wills.

Anyway I’m not mad with you because I’ve known you fo long and your way of life isn’t new to me but it saddens me that some self acclaimed leaders who will not cease to deceive you because of their selfish interests(stomach infrastructure) are parading your dead ambition upon arrival.

Asefon posterity will judge you !
A dog that’ll go lost will never harken to the whistle of the hunter indeed.
I believe the advice I gave you as a friend during the tagged #saveOSUSTECH protest in Ondo is still very fresh in your memory,you remember how i warned you against going against this struggle but you wouldn’t listen.

Sadly you accompanied the then VP external to Governor Mimiko where you tagged genuine protesters as politically motivated ones and as a greedy person you are, you collected 1million naira from a struggle you sold and was never a part.

For the love of our dear association and the enthusiasm for the union to thrive and get better,I appeal to all SUG Presidents to run away and never listen to anyone(leader or not) preaching Asefon to preside NANS top seat as this will only end in tears and total regrets .

As i withdraw my dancing pen to write another day,may God punish anyone who won’t stop propagating Asefon for NANS Presidency and your life will be ruled the same way NANS Zone D was under Asefon as Coordinator and posterity will never be kind to them .

A no to Asefon will save the association from peril!!!

*Concerned Friend of Asefon
 HIS 47 years
 And want to contest for NANs