Nothing unusual about decision to adjourn ANC conference

Ramaphosa: Nothing unusual about decision to adjourn ANC conference

African National Congress (ANC) president Cyril Ramaphosa said that there was nothing unusual about the decision to adjourn the party’s national elective conference until 5 January.

The party’s five-day conference, held at Nasrec, was set to conclude its work on Wednesday but had to put it off to a later date following some delays in proceedings.

This included a late start to the registration of delegates on day one.

Delegates agreed to adopt the proposal, with the second part of the conference set to take place in a hybrid format.

Despite the adjournment, Ramaphosa delivered his closing speech on Wednesday.

“This is not unusual. We have held a number of conferences throughout the country that were part held and adjourned for finalization at a later stage and the reasons have been set out very clearly and put before us.”





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