Pandas adorably cuddle their caretaker in viral video; netizens say, ‘so want this job’

August 1, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

It is a common sight to see videos of animals going viral on social media. The posts involving the adorable, goofy or fun-filled antics of the creatures like dogs, cats and other creatures have a massive fan following. One such video doing the rounds on the internet features pandas having an enjoyable time with their caretaker.

The viral video opens up to show a person who arrives to work at the location where the pandas were kept. The location seemed to be a natural setting with trees and plants and the man, it seems, came to set to greenery up. However, the pandas did not allow him to do his work, and one of them climbed on his back and tried to playfully bite him on the back.  

The next turn of the camera then shows two more pandas following the caretaker and trying to latch on their companion who had climbed on the man. The video ended with two pandas holding the man’s legs from behind to not allow him to walk an inch.

The video was shared by a Twitter user, who wrote, “A day in the life of a panda caretaker”.

Netizens’ reactions to video of panda with caretakers

The viral video has been winning hearts on the internet. It has received the thumbs up of netizens and has garnered around 7.2 million views. There were also a lot of comments below the video. A user wrote, “So want this job!”. “It looks fun and cute, until that day you have a migraine and just want to get the job done and go home,” read another comment. A third user wrote, “It’s official. I’m in the wrong job”.

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