Plymouth Kelp Forest To Be Dedicated To The Queen

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Plymouth Kelp Forest To Be Dedicated To The Queen – Viral35
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The most important seaside resort in the English Channel will be dedicated to the Queen to mark her Platinum Jubilee.

Kelp forests are one of the most diverse and productive ecosystems in the world and in the UK they cover an area the size of the national forest.

Kelp, a name given to several species of large brown seaweed, plays an important role in regulating the atmosphere by absorbing carbon dioxide.

Kelp Forests off Plymouth (Lewis Pugh Foundation/PA) / PA Medium

These species are similar to mangroves and coral reefs in warm waters and provide habitat for many animals, including marine mammals and birds, and are important food and habitat for fish and shellfish.

Kelp forests are also important buffers against storms, reducing the impact of waves and preventing coastal erosion.

They rely on sunlight to survive which means they will only grow in shallow water, hard and rocky areas where they can attach anchors like roots to the rock.

On Saturday, the forests of Plymouth Sound National Marine Park will be presented to Her Majesty as part of the Queen’s Green Canopy project.

To mark the occasion, a wild swimming race will take place in the waters off Plymouth Sound, led by endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh.

Endurance swimmer Lewis Pugh (Gareth Fuller/PA) / PA Archives

Sailors and marines from Her Majesty’s Devonport Naval Base will start the race by delivering the plaque to Mr Pugh and a group of wild swimmers who will swim ashore.

The plaque will be passed on to the children who will swim the length of Tinside Lido to present it to the Devonport manager.

He will then present to the Lord Lieutenant before finally being presented by the Lord Mayor of Plymouth.

Mr Pugh, an ambassador for the Green Canopy project, said: “Kelp is a hidden miracle – its magic is invisible.

“Kelp forests are very important organisms for the health of our oceans.

Lewis Pugh swimming among kelp forests (Lewis Pugh Foundation/PA) / PA Medium

“It’s great to see Plymouth’s natural heritage being recognized as part of the Queen’s Green River.”

Elaine Hayes, chief executive of Plymouth Sound National Marine Park, said: “It’s an incredible honor to have the marine part of the Queen’s Green Canopy in a national marine park.

“We are dedicated to celebrating our amazing waterscape and helping locals and visitors alike, get in, on or under the water.

“The dedication of our kelp forests in this Platinum Jubilee year will help raise the profile of this species around our islands and its importance to the wider community who rarely see kelp forests.”

The Queen’s Green Canopy is a tree planting program designed to mark the Platinum Jubilee, with over a million trees planted to date.

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