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Pries Is Back In Mixtape Mode With “Icee”

August 13, 2018 0 By Cypher9ja

Pries Is Back In Mixtape Mode With “Icee”

Pries has been around for a minute, but we haven’t seen an album or mixtape from him in years. Not since 2015. But now, with “Icee,” comes the return of “mixtape Pries.”

The new track, which riffs off the classic frozen drink (which, coincidentally, is celebrating its 50th anniversary this year) might be controversial if you’re a fan of Slurpees or Slush Puppies. No matter what you prefer, it’s impossible to deny that Icee works way better in a lyric than Slurpee or Slush Puppie, which both sound nasty. So, it is with his Icees that Pries walks up in the crib.

The song is the first in anticipation of his upcoming mixtape, Mad, Black and Beautiful, which, if we’re going by its title, seems like it will be much more political than the song that’s teasing it. Listen to “Icee” below:

Quotable Lyrics

Do it with no hand for that P-R-I-E-S, P-T-S
Diamonds too clean she won’t deal with no mess
Got her eyes on the cheque and her hands on the rest
Got them Vicky Secrets on she was voted best dressed.