Pup in Predicament Caught With Snake Coiled Around Snout in Viral Video

August 4, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Snakes are sweeping the Californian lands, and an astonishing video shows a dog’s encounter with one in the backyard of a homeowner.

Bruce Ireland, a snake wrangler from San Diego, posted the video to his TikTok showing the incredible but appalling confrontation.

The video has picked up 2.9 million views, with over 234,000 likes as people were astounded by the pup’s predicament.

The video shows the dog walking helplessly with the snake coiled around its snout.

Ireland comes to his rescue and can be heard saying, “Oh sweetie, you’ve got a bit of a problem,” as he gently removes the snake and relieves the dog from his plight.

He directs the dog to treats while lifting the snake off the ground.

One user expressed shock, saying, “it looked so crazy my brain thought the snake was fake. glad both animals are good.”

According to the Animal Emergency Center (AEC), dogs and snakes don’t usually fraternize harmoniously.

“Dogs tend to be fascinated by snakes because they really just look like a self-powered toy!” the AEC website says. “But an interaction between a snake and a dog usually ends badly, often for the snake – but in some situations, an encounter with a snake could end very badly for the dog.”

In the video, Ireland can be heard saying, “poor guy, are you OK?” as he examines the snake and discovers a dog bite on the animal.

Snakes have a long-standing perception as vicious creatures while dogs are known to be “man’s best friend,” causing many commenters to lack empathy for the snake in the video.

Among the flood of comments, one user said, “oh, I didn’t realize I was supposed to be worried about the snake. Here I was just worried about the dog.”

Another user was quick to identify the reptile as a “gopher snake,” which was confirmed by Ireland.

He was relieved that it “wasn’t a rattlesnake,” usually identifiable by their “big, thick heads.”

Pup in a Predicament Caught With Snake
A viral TikTok video shows a dog walking helplessly with a snake coiled around its snout.
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While the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has listed rattlesnakes and copperheads as venomous, gopher snakes aren’t.

“Gopher snakes aren’t a threat to dogs,” Ireland reassures a commenter.

Many others shared their experiences of encounters their dogs had with snakes. In some cases, the reptile attacked the furry pets, while in others, the snakes were the victims.

Upon an encounter with a non-venomous snake, the Humane Society of the United States recommends leaving it alone, and identifying it by species. However, if it is a venomous snake, it must be removed to prevent it from attacking other species.

Newsweek reached out to Ireland for comment.

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