Question & Answer with Nigeria fast rising act Tobi shark

July 13, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

When we talk about Music and its impact on humanity, we give the credits to the artists that make them, the producers, the promoter and in fact, the whole Team behind the marketing and publishing of the songs. Although unfortunately, we tend to channel more glorification to those who make meaningless music with contexts of sex, drugs, etc, than those who spend valuable time writing and creating intelligent pieces that heals and soothes the soul. But that’s the industry, right?

A little way of appreciating those artists who spend their time, imagination and creativity making music is to always give them a platform and an opportunity to express their crafts.

On this note I introduce to you a Nigeria fast rising act Tobi shark on Q & A with Adedam. Of course I know who he is and I know he’s about to drop a playlist, titled: SOULICAL DRILL 101, I know the story behind it but do you? Exactly! that’s why you need to know about this young talented promising act, a legend in the making.

Q: What is your full name?

Ans : My full name is Akinola Oluwatobiloba Ilori

Q: What inspired the name Tobi shark?

Ans: Tobi Is from my real name, Oluwatobiloba which means the lord is big and among all the fishes we all know how big SHARK is so I decided to merge the two together hence Tobi shark

How long have you been doing music?

Ans: Since 2011

Q: Since the release of your EP Estrella, what has changed for you?

Ans: My sound has really changed, and more appreciation from my fans and listeners.

Q: Did Estrella acceptability meet your expectations? is it how you pictured the growth in terms of streams? Or you expected more than you get on the project?

Ans: Yes it met my expectations, Yes this is how I pictures the growth at least for a start.

Q : Heard of your playlist project titled SOULICAL DRILL 101 that consist of 3 tracks

1. Michael Faraday

2. Ma bebe

3. Diamond

What inspires this project and story behind the tracklist?

Ans: Took me series of training, theory and practical to get my own sound. Soulical drill 101 is the introduction of my new sound, That’s where the idea of “101” comes from.

1. Micheal faraday is so personal to me because I summarized the level of fire in me and my journey so far how I left home (my comfort zone) just to feed home

We all know Micheal faraday was the first to produce an electric current from a magnetic field, invented the first electric motor and dynamo, demonstrated the relation between electricity and chemical bonding, discovered the effect of magnetism on light

Which means I came with fire, but in a soulical way to touch souls!!!

2. Ma Bebe Is A Track of me doing my normal hardcore rap..and the reason behind starting the song with my normal hardcore rap is for my day one fans who knew me through rap

Just to tell them Rap still fit in to my new sound..which means I won’t stop giving out hot bars/rap when needed

The hook for ma Bebe is me telling people MUSIC Is my BABE, and I was the originator of soulical drill

3. Diamond:

This tracks means a lot to me,it was the last track I recorded off the playlist and the reason why I recorded it lastly is because I wanted to do something very soft and calm which brings another style of me out and again I want to express my love feelings in a soulical way, Diamond is a love song which will really be mind blowing.

Micheal faraday and Ma Bebe is a cover to arrdee’s “early hours” and arrdee’s “say my name” respectively While, Diamond is a cover to Cheque’s “call me baby”

Q: Should we still be expecting any project from you this year or just this Soulica drill alone?

Ans: After this playlist, I will be dropping a single Then after that single, fans should expect more projects from me and my team next year. However, the single after my playlist won’t be my last project in 2022.

Q: How do you see the Entertainment industry in Nigeria growing, especially Afrobeat?

Ans: The growth is really massive

We’re turning Afro beats to what we can’t imagine because afrobeats is really making other countries to love Nigeria artists more and more and give them accolades. I’m very sure more artist will come on board and make more movement on Afro beat too.

Q: How do you intend to dominate the market?

Ans: I intend to dominate the global music with my own sound & its uniqueness, I make music in Yoruba and English and even has the value of international market

I believe 💯💯

If you have opportunity to work with 3 celeb who would they be?

Ans: Lol,I got more than three celebs but let me shortlist out some of them

1.Olamide Baddo



Q: What makes you special as an artist?

Ans: My sound And

My branding


We come to the end of our Q & A with Tobi Shark, thank you for reading, we love you.