Raf Don Joins Forces With Toya Delazy And Dee Koala To Create “SHE WAN”

November 18, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

After his hit single “Tekky” featuring YoungstaCPT, RAF DON and ShaneyJay create another banger “She Wan” featuring Toya Delazy and Dee Koala. This is a drill hip – hop track aimed at making people feel good and getting people in the mood to dance when they listen to it.

This collaboration is all about bringing brilliant and talented female rappers together to create a masterpiece that draws inspirations from the adoration of women, women not being underestimated and women empowerment.

Raf Don bringing in his French background influence style of rap, Toya Delazy bringing in her Zulu influence style of rap and Dee Koala bringing in her Xhosa influence style of rap creates an overly exciting fusion of cultural experiences on this track.

SHE WAN speaks of my journey being ambitious & self-empowered indigenous woman, I know what/who I want, different to the programmed idea of what a woman is or should be, my verse represents my journey of courage, love & detachment and makes reference to the fierce spirit given to us by our ancestors and the role they play in empowering & protecting us along the path if we are true to ourselves, our generation of women today are wiser than the past & we realise we have a choice to be who we want to be and not subjects of patriarchy, you cannot force me against my will – self-belief and self-respect is an important ingredient no matter what others think, my verse is served with that power in mind. Having you on the verse is empowering because you represent positive masculinity Alpha male, letting choice but taking a chance.” – Toya Delazy

I can take your girl no matter how rich you may be and take her to the hood and humble you. Like don’t think you all that when a person like me can take what’s yours, use it and give it back to you as leftovers. It’s basically about not underestimating me.” – Dee Koala

“She Wan” which can be interpreted as ‘She is the one’, ‘She want’ or ‘She won’ depending on how every female wants to feel while listening to this track. To the male listeners, this track is a chant of positive masculinity and alpha male energy making this a track what South Africa needs right now.

Be sure to stream ‘SHE WAN’ by Raf Don featuring Dee Koala and Toya Delazy below: