Reasons To Understand Fashion, Not Just Dress Styles

August 6, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Reasons To Understand Fashion, Not Just Dress Styles – Kuri007
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DEJAVANEWS.COM – The reason is to understand about fashion, not just the style of clothing. When we talk about fashion, almost everyone knows that fashion is just a popular style in the culture to support one’s appearance. However, there are still many people who do not understand fashion.

Understanding fashion, especially for today’s young generation is important. Because, for those who understand, fashion can be more than a style of dressing according to trends: fashion can be a way of speaking and saying something.

So, for that reason, here are the reasons to understand fashion, so that you can take advantage of its function in addition to the style of clothing. Listen!

  • Fashion Awareness Can Make You Feel Complete And Confident

Having a basic understanding of fashion will let you know which clothes are suitable to mix and match, and most importantly know which options suit your taste and comfort. Along with that, you will also have a positive self-image.

On the other hand, if you don’t really understand fashion so that in the end the look you get is far from what you expected, it is unlikely that negative ideas will appear that contribute to feeling less confident.

In other words, understanding fashion can be another way to increase self-confidence, as long as you first believe in yourself and feel that you are good enough.

  • Fashion Choices Are Your Way of Non-verbal Communication

By understanding fashion, you will know that fashion can be your way of non-verbal communication with other people. As stated by the French philosopher Roland Barthes, fashion can be interpreted as a system of symbols to show who and what cultural values ​​you accept.

A simple example of this can be seen in the famous lawyer Hotman Paris who likes to appear eccentric in his fancy suits. With his fashion choices, Hotman Paris seems to be saying to prospective clients and other lawyers, that he is a great lawyer and successfully handles big cases. This is evidenced by his financial ability to buy luxury clothes and accessories.

Well, you can impart that kind of communication to others by understanding fashion. Decide what you want to show or convey, and choose a fashion item that best represents the message.

  • Fashion Can Be a Marker of Social Class

Sometimes there are times in life that require us to know someone’s social class, or times when we want to show a certain social class. You can do both with fashion.

Yes, fashion has the power to reflect different social and economic classes. Those with branded clothes can be guessed from the upper middle class, while those with clothes that are more common, can be guessed from the lower middle class.

By understanding fashion, you can also better capture what kind of self-expression a person wants to show, regardless of certain types of fashion or clothes that indirectly reflect their social class.

For example, the youth at “Citayam Fashion Week”. In terms of fashion items, what young people wear may not be brand new or brand new. However, they don’t care because what they want to show is how they are able to keep up with this trend, and they also emphasize that they are not a group that is left behind in their own way.

Well, that’s why understanding fashion is important, especially for the younger generation. There are many careers in fashion that you can benefit from if you understand it.

In addition, by understanding fashion, you also seek equality in one aspect of life, namely keeping up with trends and expressing yourself.

Achieving balance in various aspects of life is very important to strive for. Because with that you will not only focus on what you can offer, such as a perfect fashion look, but also focus on what you can get, which is a place to express yourself comfortably.


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