Recovery operations continue on N3 Toll route after serious crash

Recovery operations continue on both the north and southbound carriageways of the N3 toll road after serious crash.

The multiple vehicle crash was reported on the N3 north near the Roadside and Reitz Interchange in the Free State on Friday morning. 

The accident left both lanes on the north and southbound carriageways obstructed.

The N3 Toll Concession’s Operations Manager, Thania Dhoogra, said the lane closures combined with the current peak traffic volumes, are causing congestion and delays in the area.

Lanes reopened

She said the said lanes have been reopened.

“All northbound lanes and the southbound fast lane have now been reopened to traffic. Recovery operations are continuing. Motorists are advised to remain patient and approach the area with caution while the extensive backlog clears.”

Emergency services

“Emergency services are making every effort to clear the scene as quickly as possible. It places an extra burden on resources, and increases the risk of secondary incidents when motorists attempt to overtake or circumvent the obstruction.”

“We appeal to all road users to approach the area with caution. Share the road responsibly and always put safety first,” Dhoogra said.

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With peak traffic conditions expected on the N3 Toll Route later this week, Dhoogra has reminded motorists that inattention was a primary contributory factor to road crashes.

“Safe driving requires that you focus your undivided attention on a multitude of sensory stimulants, and that you are able to make sound decisions in rapidly changing environments.


“Avoid distractions, such as using your mobile devices or allowing interferences from your passengers, while you are driving. Make sure that you stay alert at all times, and take regular breaks to rest and refresh yourself, especially when your concentration starts to wane,” said Dhoogra.

Dhoogra has advised motorists to travel outside of peak periods, when volumes are high and the demands on drivers escalate.

“Careful planning helps you to avoid last-minute rush or late-night driving,” she said.

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