Revealed: Price of South Africa’s current top 10 best-selling cars

November 9, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

The monthly National Association of Automobile Manufacturers of South Africa (NAAMSA) sales figures usually makes for intriguing reading when analysed carefully.

Unaffected by ongoing developments such as rising petrol prices, load shedding and escalating costs of living, the market has remained resolute with the month end of October seeing a tenth consecutive month of increases this year.

Broken down into specifics, the clearest pattern that often emerges is a varying but always the same top five headed by the Toyota Hilux, closely followed by the Volkswagen Polo Vivo, Toyota Corolla Cross, Ford Ranger and Volkswagen Polo.

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With the exception of the Polo that fell to 15th place in October, reportedly as a result of a parts shortage Volkswagen Passenger Cars CEO, Thomas Schäfer, admitted last week would have resulted in a shutdown of the Uitenhage Plant, Kariega, had supplies not been found, the top ten also involves the likes of the Toyota Urban Cruiser, Isuzu D-Max, Suzuki Swift and Toyota HiAce, the latter forming part of a strong local flavour that often characterises the best-seller’s list.

As a way of taking an even closer look, here the country’s top ten best sellers, from October, along with their respective starting prices.

South Africa's 10 best-selling cars
Hilux has been the country’s best-seller for years.
  • Toyota Hilux: R313 300 – R917 900

Only bettered at the top by the recent flooding of the Prospecton Plant in Durban, the Hilux has remained the country’s best-seller for year with sales being easily eclipsing 3 000 units a month no other vehicle can seemingly match.

South Africa's 10 best-selling cars
Locally made, the Corolla Cross has been a huge hit.
  • Toyota Corolla Cross: R360 400 – R461 700

Keenly priced and now back to full production after the mentioned floods, the runaway success that is the Corolla Cross is also the first hybrid vehicle made in South Africa with the line-up spanning five models, a normal 1.8-litre petrol engine and the mentioned hybrid all connected to a CVT.

South Africa's 10 best-selling cars
Twin of the Suzuki Vitara Brezza has been a hit under the Toyota Urban Cruiser moniker.
  • Toyota Urban Cruiser: R280 400 – R353 600

The result of a joint venture with Suzuki, the Urban Cruiser is based on the former’s own Vitara Brezza and has enjoyed significant success since debuting last year.

South Africa's 10 best-selling cars
Soon-to-be-replaced Ford Ranger now makes a compelling run-out buy.
  • Ford Ranger: R349 390 – R999 150

Currently on run-out in preparation for the all-new model, the Ranger still represents a worthy Hilux alternative and holds the distinction of having bettered its arch-rival’s sales when the current T6 generation came it over a decade ago.

South Africa's 10 best-selling cars
New D-Max has been giving the outgoing Ford Ranger a hard time.
  • Isuzu D-Max: R411 600 – R835 100

A long wait due to several days ended earlier this year with the arrival of the new D-Max. Locally built like the Hilux and Ranger, it has been an equal success with sales this year having often bettered those of the Ranger by a considerable margin.

South Africa's 10 best-selling cars
Suzuki Swift has remained resolute in segment dominated by bakkies and SUVs.
  • Suzuki Swift: R194 900 – R415 900

Just a big a success story as the Urban Cruiser, the Indian assembled Swift very much rates as a small package with lots dynamite from a value and spec perspective. Adding to this is the flagship Sport that is a hot hatch done right.

South Africa's 10 best-selling cars
Polo Vivo has stayed true to the mantra of the CitiGolf.
  • Volkswagen Polo Vivo: R243 600 – R327 900

Recently renewed until after 2025 alongside the Polo, the locally made Polo Vivo remains a key model to the Wolfsburg in much the same way the iconic CitiGolf once was. Still relatively cheap and basic, its credentials cannot be faulted.

South Africa's 10 best-selling cars
HiAce still the quintessential transport of the masses
  • Toyota HiAce: R497 800 – R667 500

Replaced by the Quantum only to be revived a few years ago, the HiAce remains the quintessential vehicle for the masses and while arguably one of the most hated for the way driven, it remains an integral part of mass local transport.

South Africa's 10 best-selling cars
NP200 the sole half-ton bakkie currently sold in South Africa.
  • Nissan NP200: R212 500 – R230 900

Playing in a once popular segment, the NP200 now stands alone in the half-ton bakkie segment. One of the oldest vehicles on-sale today, its existence is the nonetheless proof that only everyone needs a one-ton bakkie.

South Africa's 10 best-selling cars
Haval H6 range recently got bolstered by the addition of a hybrid and the depicted GT.
  • Haval H6: R479 950 – R669 950

The most recent new model of the popular Chinese brand, the H6, like its smaller Jolion sibling, has been an instant hit, bolstered by the recent addition of a hybrid model plus a sporty fastback GT. Crammed full of luxury, it is evident just how far the brand has come.