Road To The Crown – Mr. And Miss Nigeria International 2019

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Road To The Crown – Mr. And Miss Nigeria International 2019


Globalizing Beauty – A Pageant

Beauty pageant is entirely understood as a public entertainment consisting of a procession of people (Men or Women; sometimes both) in elaborate, colorful costumes, or an outdoor performance of a historical and cultural scene. The human beauty is a characterization of a person as “beautiful”, whether on an individual or by community consensus, based on a combination of inner beauty (personality, intelligence, charisma and elegance) and outer beauty (physical appearance).



The management of Brendance & Crusaders Limited, known as a foremost communication company registered under the Companies and Allied Matters Laws in Nigeria brings to you Mr. And Miss Nigeria International 2019 (Season 8).


The Pageant

Unlike the global understanding of Beauty Pageant stated above, Mr. and Miss Nigeria International; powered by Brendance and Crusader Limited was conceived with the hope of creating an enabling environment; where our young people can grow, mature, develop, and exhibit their talents, personalities, interpersonal skills, and sportsmanship. The Pageant also seeks to provide enriching opportunities and rewards that will further enhance their lives and life’s directions, as they pursue their ambitions without neglecting the corresponding impact in their respective states of origin, and no doubt to the entire nation at large.



From our experience over the years, we have realized that Nigeria is filled with so many beautiful people and the pageant industry in the country is often overlooked and underutilized for the purpose of wealth creation and for positively engaging the society at large.

Our aim is to make Nigeria a global spotlight in pageantry, modeling, tourism and entertainment, thereby gaining more international recognition for Nigeria and Nigerians at large and also mentoring young Nigerians to earn and attract the much needed foreign exchange to the Nigerian economy, as they continue to compete and gain exposure in the global pageantry, modeling and entertainment industry.


By offering an excellent opportunity for young men and ladies to compete, we aim at creating an environment where they can gain the self-confidence needed to be successful in life.

Every year we see dozens of young people arrive our pageant week too unsure or scared to get on stage with confidence. With our ethical and professional touch applied on them, they evolve and begin to enjoy their surroundings (new-found friends, new-found confidence) and finally getting used to being in the spotlight! That’s what Mr. And Miss Nigeria International is all about; Creating self-confidence and personal development for each and every contestant (Poise and Etiquette)!


The Target

The pageant is targeted at young Nigerian male and female representing their culture who has spunk and charisma, attitude, poise and etiquette to be the next face to grace billboards across the country and pages of magazines around the world and become Global Brand Ambassadors.


Our Miss Nigeria International 2015; Queen Mercy Atang was also recently crowned the ‘Ms International World Classic Pageant 2017/2018’ in Florida, USA, as she is the first black to achieve that position. Our representative, Miss Mso Verishma who participated in 2018 Ms. International World held in Florida achieved a stand among the Top 5.


The History

Mr. And Miss Nigeria International has been staged on seven occasions in the past emerging with great success and beautiful entertainment, this is the Season 8. Winners from various seasons have also represented the country, wide and far around the world competing for world title and some has returned with titles and crowns.


The previous seasons featured guest appearances by imminent Nigeria artistes, Politicians, Royal fathers and mothers, Diplomatic personnel and Pageant practitioners around the country and abroad.

We made sure a common denominator of all the previous season is that they showcase beauty, brain, talent and entrepreneurial skills by the participants.


Activity Breakdown

Below is our arranged road map for this year Mr. And Miss Nigeria International 2019 Pageant.



From the Road Map to the Mr. And Miss Nigeria International 2019 Pageant, our pre-event kicked off February 28th 2019. Announcements, digital launch and awareness was the first step we took to begin this year pageant. Announcements and the digital launch was directed to all up and running social media channels with the mission to reach the community and achieving possible contestants.


Online Registration

Next was “Registration”. Sales of forms began March 1st, 2019 and was announced on the social media channels. The link to the online registration was made available and easy for those with little or no experience with the internet. After registration, all participants were encouraged to make a one minute (1 Minute) of themselves stating their name, state of origin and reasons why they should be awarded the crown. These videos were uploaded on the social media pages and the brand was mentioned and tagged depending on what social platform was used. This medium was a way to know a few about our future contestants.


Regional Screening

Auditioning started April 5th, 2019 with a few selected cities and states in the country where interested participants reported themselves to the selected place of auditioning and wearing the dress code mentioned to them after registration. The dress code was a white top for male and tank-top for female together with a blue-colored jean.

Finally, the last auditioning took place in Lagos on the 20th of July 2019 at Ikeja, Lagos. Also with the same dress code. It was a success as a lot of individuals turned up for the auditioning.


Voting Commences

A total number of 48 individuals (both male and female) were selected for the next stage of the journey to the crown “The Camp”. But not all can move up to be chosen as housemates in camp. Only a number of below 30 participants (a fair number of both male and female) can make it to the camp. Here, the decision goes to the fans, family and loved ones by voting for their favorite contestants. The first stage of voting began August 1st, 2019 and will be on for a period of three(3) weeks. Click here to check and vote for your favorite contestants. Link to where voting will be taken place will be announced on all social media platforms and adverts.



Our Fan Craze Competition will begin after voting to engage the community and the social media fans who have interest in joining us at our main event. Weekly trivia and competitions will take place with prizes to be won. These prizes may include dinner tickets, entrance tickets to the main event and consolation prizes.



The most interesting part of the pageant activity – “The Camp”. There, selected contestants are welcomed to the training camp where they will partake in various activity and programs. The training encompasses sports, exercise, etiquette, dancing, photoshoots, charity works, fashion show and dinner. The venue for the camp hasn’t been fully decided but will take place in a hotel and a resort.


Main Event

The best part and mouth dropping period of the road to the crown; The night of the main event.

There, all contestants stand with only one mindset, to win the crown. Sponsors, partners, officials, loved ones and families come to see and support their best candidate for the crown. Contestants show their beauty (inner and outer), intelligence, poise and class to attain the crown they have trained and worked for. Dancing, stage walk, schematics, artiste performance and award presentations to distinguished individuals and also the various activities will take place on that night. Mega One Event Place, Lekki Lagos will be the venue for this year exclusive Mr. and Miss Nigeria International 2019 and will begin with the Red Carpet by 6 pm and the Main Event by 7 pm on October 5th, 2019.




Looking at what these contestants get to lay their hands on when awarded a winner. And let’s not forget that there’s not only one winner but winners.

The top 3 winners (male and female respectively) stand a chance to travel overseas to represent Nigeria and compete in International pageants;

Ms. International World USA and Ms. International World Global (female winners)

Mister Global and Altitude Men Finals (male winners)

Official car for the top winner

A plot of land for the top two crowned winners (Mr. and Miss Nigeria international)

Among the contestants, Mr. Nigeria International Teen and Miss Nigeria International Teen will be awarded and they will also represent Nigeria in Miss International World Teen

Consolation prizes include electronic devices and also startup capital for businesses.



Tickets will be made available for purchase and collection in various centers and also online soon. Information and announcements regarding purchase of tickets will be made available on the social media channels. Kindly stay tuned. To pre-order tickets, kindly contact +2348033460308.



The pageant is open to sponsorship at any time and is available in Platinum, Gold, Silver, Bronze and Distinguished Partners. All labeled sponsorships are ranked with various exclusive benefits both for organizations and individuals, ranging from the highest to the lowest.


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