Robin Lopez Calls Out Brook Lopez For Flop In A Funny Way

December 22, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

The brothers Lopez went toe-to-toe on Wednesday night in Cleveland. Robin, who didn’t play on the evening, came out on top — the Cavs won, 114-106 — while Brook had 14 points, six rebounds, two assists, two steals, and a block in 28 minutes of work. He was also on the receiving end of some absolutely scalding trash talk, all thanks to his twin brother.

TNT mic’d Robin up for the game, and at one point, Brook decided to embellish a little bit of contact and draw a foul as a result. The next time Robin got a chance to talk to a referee, he revealed a detail about his brother’s past as proof that this was a flop.

“That’s a flop,” Robin said. “He’s an actor. I know, he was in West Side Story. He was Officer Krupke.”

This made the referee laugh, which is almost certainly what Robin was going for here. Anyway, a 2006 Los Angeles Times story confirms that Brook “recently played a police officer in a class production of West Side Story.” While it has been a while since I have seen West Side Story, I do not believe that there is a scene where Officer Krupke gets nudged by Evan Mobley and draws a foul on the Cavaliers star.