Russian Stuntman Flies Through Car, Internet Calls Him “Human-Bullet”

August 4, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

The video has left the internet amazed.

A Russian stuntman has left the internet amazed with his latest stunt, flying through a car, like a “human bullet”. 

An incredible video shared by Viral Hog shows the stunt from a number of different angles, as Evgeny Chebotarev hurtles through the vehicle before falling to another moving car. The short 10-second-clip shows Mr Chebotarev jumping from a high-speed car and managing to “fly” through the interior of another vehicle. 

Since being shared, the video has left the internet amazed. It has been shared on several social media platforms as well, where netizens said that the man “literally has zero fear of death”. 

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One user jokingly said, “Reasons why women live longer than men,” while another shockingly asked, “But how did he cross the car through that narrow gap without even touching.” 

“I bet he broke his foot on that one,” said third. “how did he get the car up there in the first place,” commented fourth. 

Meanwhile, speaking of stunts, the Delhi Traffic Police on Wednesday posted a video of a young man performing a dangerous stunt on a motorcycle to urge people to stay safe and not drive too fast. The clip showed a man driving his motorcycle in a rash manner on a road which is less crowded. 

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However, seconds into the video, the rider is seen losing his balance and slipping on the road. After the stunt, his bike was also seen shaking moments before he fell to the ground. While the man’s head narrowly escaped hitting the silencer of another motorcycle, his bike, on the other hand, was seen dragging for a few metres before coming to a stop. 

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