Sandrahhh Releases Lyric Video For ‘7 Figures’

November 9, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Sandrahhh is back this week with more visual treatment to her ‘Eating Good’ EP for her ‘7 Figures’ single. The short performance/lyric video breaks down the song in a manner that I never saw it in as the message is more broad than ever. So from my understanding, the bar filled song speaks on progress of life without those that never saw the vision as she and the rest of the team understand the mission and are on the move to do great things as they cannot be stopped at this point so those that are hating on their work or are failing to see the core drive for their dreams can forget being part of the squad going forward. I love how straight forward each visual piece is as it gels with the theme of the tape ‘black and white’.

You can stream the lyric video below: