Seyi And Tacha Return To The House After Fake Eviction

Seyi And Tacha Return To The House After Fake Eviction

July 26, 2019 0 By Cypher9ja

As can be recalled Cypher9ja reported that Seyi and Tacha were fake evicted from BBNaija 2019 show. They were made to remain in a secret room and watch the activities of other housemates from a TV screen.

After 3 days of the duo’s banishment to the secret room, they finally returned to the house. This happened July 24th by 7:30pm. Their return however was staged in a very hilarious way.


Back in the main house, the other non-evicted housemates were informed to prepare themselves and the house in other to receive some popular guests. Obviously thinking they would get to meet some renowned celebrities, the housemates cleaned the house, cooked delicacies, ironed their clothes and the ladies even applied make up.


All prepped and primed, the excited housemates sat in the living room and waited for their ” famous guests” to arrive. To their astonishment, Tacha and Seyi walked in through the door. The seemingly joyful housemates welcomed the duo with open hands.


Nigerians have as usual taken to social media to mock the housemates for unknowingly preparing so hard just to welcome Seyi and Tacha. Several memes and jeering comments have been shared on Twitter.


@chinwetal: “see Tacha’s enemies preparing on table for her


“Seyi and Tacha””


@Emmexcity1: “me looking at the housemates pretending to be happy seeing Seyi and Tacha #bbnaija”


@Omojuwa: “Seyi and Tacha are stronger in the game.”


@KOdikpa: “I can’t wait to see the housemates reaction when the see Seyi and Tacha as their guests after they have cook finish #BBNaija2019 #BBNaija