Side Business Opportunity For Article Writer For Website/Blog

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Side Business Opportunity for Article Writer for Website/Blog – Kuri007
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Side Business Opportunity for Article Writer for Website/Blog

Kuri007– The business opportunity to write articles for websites and blogs can be a side business opportunity that anyone can do.

Yes anyone? This business can be run by students, students, employees, housewives and others as long as they are willing to take the time to write articles.

Creating articles is not a difficult job because it can be learned easily, there are many various digital products that discuss how to create articles that can later be sold to website or blog owners.

As additional information, that the opportunity to become an article writer for a website or blog is very broad and promising.

Just imagine how many sites or blogs in Indonesia every day always need new articles, there are lots of sites that need new articles.

And not all of these articles are created by blog or website owners because many of them also buy articles instead of struggling to write their own. Therefore, this business can be a profitable and flexible side business.

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For those of you who are interested in trying this profession, either as an alternative to finding additional income or something else, there are several things that must be considered, including:

1. Article Quality

The most important thing from a website is content, because content is the main foundation that determines the success of a blog/site.

The content can be in the form of videos, photos, articles or others. And articles are one of the most needed content by websites and blogs. Of course, articles that sell well are quality articles.

So what kind of articles are sold? Articles that can be cashed are articles that have good qualities such as easy to read, clear language, unique in the sense that they are not copied and pasted, good grammar, rich in information.

To start writing, start with a mastered theme, for example if you have a passion in the field of a healthy lifestyle, you can try writing healthy living tips whose materials can be obtained on the internet, just process them according to your imagination.

2. Article Price

The actual price of the goods is determined by the seller of the goods but for the beginning and as a promotion we can follow market prices in general. And in general, articles are priced based on word count, roughly as follows:

  • Indonesian Articles:
    200 words : 3 – 6 thousand
    300 words : 5 – 8 thousand
    500 words: 8 – 11 thousand
    1000 words: 12 – 15 thousand
  • English article:
    200 words: 8 – 11 thousand
    300 words: 10 – 13 thousand
    500 words: 14 – 18 thousand
    1000 words: 20 – 25 thousand

From the price above, it is true that English articles have a selling price that is more expensive than Indonesian articles.

For that, if you can make articles in English, of course, the benefits you will get will be even more.

Looking at the price list doesn’t mean you have to sell it at that price, but only as a benchmark.

At first, as an introduction, you can try to offer a lower price, only if your customers start to increase, you can increase the selling price. Whatever the selling price, if the articles you make are good and of good quality, many will be looking for them.

2. How to Sell Articles

There are many ways to sell each article you create, for example through social media or Facebook. Join various Facebook groups where bloggers gather and try to offer your services there. This is a quick way to sell your articles, especially to get started.

Well, if you feel capable, you can open a professional article writing service, for example by finding employees and teaching them to write articles or you can also form a team consisting of your colleagues who also like to write.

Then create a website to promote your services, besides selling articles you can also add some additional services such as posting services, promotional video creation services and so on.

3. Consumers are the King of Providing the Best Service

Service is one of the most important aspects to bind consumers to become your customers apart from the quality of the articles you create.

Provide the best service to each of your customers starting from communication, timely delivery of articles, articles as desired and other matters related to customer satisfaction.

To maximize service, you can turn down some buyers if they are overwhelmed, not only chasing profits but declining service.

Simply tell diners how many slots are available so they know they can still be served.

But don’t let this be left too long because this means it’s time for you to add employees.

l and many orders, you can invite other people to work with you or the term is looking for employees.


Maybe that’s all the admin can present to all of you regarding the Side Business Opportunity for Article Writers for this Website/Blog. Hopefully it can be useful.

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