Silvana Estrada Mourned Death Of Her Friend Jorge Tirado

December 21, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

After posting last week about hoping to find her missing friends, Silvana Estrada mourned their tragic deaths in a heartfelt post today (December 21). Jorge and Andrés Tirado, who were close to the Mexican singer-songwriter, were found murdered at their home on Sunday in Mexico City.

Estrada had a breakthrough year with the release of her third album, Marchita. Back in October, she performed “Se Me Ocurre” as a guest on The Kelly Clarkson Show. Last month, Estrada won Best New Artist in a tie with Angela Alvarez at the Latin Grammy Awards. On Friday, she posted in her Instagram Stories about looking for her friends, the Tirado brothers, who were last seen that day. Jorge worked in music and he was the manager of singer Augusto Bracho. His younger brother, Andrés, was a budding actor and a graduate from the University Theater Center of the National Autonomous University Of Mexico (UNAM).

On Sunday, the Mexican authorities reported that the Tirado brothers were murdered along with their uncle, José Luis Gonzáles. Their bodies were found beaten, gagged, and strangled in a home that they shared with their uncle. José González’s wife Margarita Ochoa was also found beaten but she survived her injuries. Three people who the family lived with were arrested for their murders. El Pais is reporting that the family was murdered after refusing to hand over the deed to their home to the other tenants who are now in police custody.

Following the news of their murders, Estrada shared her memories with Jorge in a heartfelt post on Instagram. The post included her photos with Jorge and a video of him dancing happily.

“I love you, Jorge,” Estrada wrote. “You were my brother, my friend, and my family. I’m honored to know that we built a friendship so strong that even now I still embrace your love. I will honor the miracle of your life Jorge, the miracle of having been a part of it, the miracle that your brother also became my brother, and that this sick, miserable, and brutal world was bright and beautiful because of you. Nothing will ever be the same without you guys.”