Sizwe Dhlomo’s top moments on ‘Podcast and Chill’ with MacG

November 9, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

The South African born entertainer Sizwe Dhlomo did not only share valuable knowledge on the state of the country and other controversies, but also boasted of his riches.

In a recent interview with Podcast and Chill host, MacGyver “MacG” Mukwevho, the Kaya 959 radio jock weighed in on what caused the decline of local Hip Hop dominance in SA, the economical state of South Africa and the controversy surrounding the American rapper, Kanye West, amongst other things.

Sizwe downplayed his wealth as “general stuff” when his business endeavours were casually brought up, including dabbling into energy and forestry farming.  

Watch: Sizwe Dhlomo’s moment on Podcast and Chill

“I was on three [radio] stations at once [and] I was the only guy in the country doing that. I was on a different contract, I was premium. I was on 702, Cape Talk and 947 all at once, even at that building – I was the only person,” he boasted.

“Even in the team meeting, who did the CEO ask for opinions?” he continued.

‘Women have liked me since I was a baby’

Amid the interview, two strippers rocked up as a surprise for MacG’s 35th birthday. However, the media personality showed no interest in the activities that took place and initially said he didn’t find the entertainers “appealing”.

Replying to co-host Sol Phenduka, he said: “You won’t understand this, but women have liked me since I was a baby, so I don’t have a problem getting a woman’s attention and lucky for me, if I like a woman, chances are that I’ll be fine”.

Love-life and career

With his love-life not in the public eye, Sizwe mentioned that he plans on having kids “when I get married”. He said if ever he dies without starting his own family, then he will leave his assets to his family.

He further touched on his career’s milestones and the A-lister’s he got a chance to interview at the time he was the MTV presenter. He mentioned the likes of Jay Z, Bill Gates and many more.

“Beyonce said I was good looking, and I thought that was a kind thing to hear from Beyonce,” Sizwe told the podcast.

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