Sonia Mbele’s son in rehab – ‘Parents must help fix their kids’

November 25, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Actress and TV producer Sonia Mbele has been praised for how she has handled the damming abuse allegations levelled against her son Donell Sedibe and the star says the last few days have been difficult for her family. 

Mbele released a statement on Wednesday that Reokeditswe Makete had her full love and support, after claiming her boyfriend, Sedibe, was abusive during their relationship. 

“I not only welcomed Reokeditswe Makete into my home but I also treated her as a daughter and worked with her in support of her career in the entertainment industry, and right now I would like to reassure her that she still has my love and full support.” 

Donell is in rehab

With the claims being made public, Mbele said she was surprised by the revelations because they had been together for so long, she told Drum magazine. 

The former Generations actress said her son is receiving professional help, something she mentioned in her statement.

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“I did not see this coming. They have been together for a while, and they were so close and in love. Immediately when this happened, I sat them both down and I decided to send my son away to get help,” she said. 

The young couple expected their first child earlier this year and all appeared to be going well for them. The abuse allegations which went public this week. Mbele said the incidents occurred earlier in the month. 

“This did not happen on Tuesday, it happened on 4 November, and I immediately sent my son to rehab the following day. So, by the time this became public, he was already away.”

Mbele has recognised that her previous relationships in which she was subjected to abuse, had possibly influenced her son’s behaviour. 

She told Drum her son is “just like his father” and needed intervention immediately. 

She clarified she was not talking about her ex-husband Leslie Sedibe but rather Donell’s biological father. 

“I am frustrated. I’m frustrated because I want to do right by my son, I want to do right by her, and I want to do right by society, but I realise that I am not an octopus.”

Mbele says she feels responsible for Makete and that they need to tackle the issues head-on and not ignore them. Mbele revealed that the young mom is studying film and television and said she will mentor and groom her for the industry. 

It’s the responsibility of the parents to “fix” their children rather than deflect blame, she concluded. 

Update on Makete

Makete has been sharing emotional posts on her Instagram page. In one post, she is seen crying telling her 44 000 followers that Donell is “locking” her out of her account, in an attempt to stop sharing her story.

Her posts of her exposing him were deleted, but she managed to share them again on her account.

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