‘Stage 6 is a serious struggle for SMMEs’

Following the announcement of indefinite stage 6 load shedding, countless South Africans from all walks of life have not only lamented the new reality but wondered just how far the negative effects of such a reality could go. 

Local DJ and entrepreneur Tbo Touch (Thabo Molefe) was among those counting the costs of indefinite stage 6 load shedding as he pondered what it would mean for his small business. 

“I don’t see my company functioning under stage 6 it’s a serious struggle for SMMEs. I can’t keep up at all! What must happen now? We are headed for even more job losses. Sad reality and I’m the last person to lose hope but I can’t see us surviving this [one],” he tweeted.

His tweet inspired others to share their own views on the status quo and what’s to come. Additionally, business owners who head up small enterprises also tweeted about how higher stages of load shedding have impacted them. 

“Agreed. Small businesses can’t handle more hits! We thought the pandemic hit hard. 

SA is exhausted. Something’s gotta give,” responded Twitter user @Winelands. 

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Indefinite stage 6 

On Wednesday, Eskom announced that load shedding would remain at stage 6 continuously until further notice.

“Due to the severe capacity constraints, Eskom will continue to manage the limited emergency generation reserves to supplement generation capacity. Eskom will publish a further update as soon as there are any significant changes,” said Eskom in a statement. 

The power utility further explained that eleven generators had suffered breakdowns since Tuesday morning, further reducing available capacity and necessitating the increase in the stages of load shedding. 

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