Summer Walker Announces Birth Of Twins –

As a perfect way to bring in the New Year, Summer Walker has announced that she’s given birth to twins.

In a now-deleted post shared to Instagram, the “No Love” singer not only praised herself for carrying two babies to full-term, but also her “spirit guides,” “elders” and “doula dad” Larry for their hands-on support. The 26-year-old also shared the not-so-bright side of giving birth, which included that one of her babies was breeched and that she almost blacked out while bringing her bundles of joy into the world.

“I’m so proud of myself,” the R&B crooner captioned a video of her birthing her twins. “Just sharing to inspire other women, ’cause I know once you carry twins to almost 42 weeks, especially with one breech, people will try to steer you towards induction or C-section (which, there’s nothing wrong with these, I just didn’t want it for myself). You can do it, this was my second home birth, all natural, seven hours, no tearing, and I couldn’t of done it without my spirit guides, godparents, birth team, my elders and the best dad doula ever, Larry lol.”

She added, “He was so hands-on the whole time. I was really impressed, it wasn’t easy but it gets done. Both births I almost blacked out at the end, but eating your placenta will definitely keep you above water. I have thin blood, so I always end up going to the hospital to bring myself back into good strength for them, but as long as my kids stay at home untouched, I’m good.”

Summer announced her pregnancy with her boyfriend LVRD Pharaoh, née Larry, back in June on Instagram Live. In the video, the now mommy-of-three stated: “The only reason I’m even saying anything is because last time I felt very disrespected that people didn’t let me tell that myself. People were taking pictures of me in the store — I know it kind of comes with the job –… [but] people took pictures of me and sent it to The Shade Room before I could even announce my pregnancy.”

She also revealed in early December of last year that R&B icon Erykah Badu would be playing a crucial role in her second pregnancy, as she did prior with her young daughter, Bubbles.

“Peace peace .. MEET THE WELCOMING COMITTEE??,” Badu captioned a clip as she was training her daughter Puma to assist with delivering twins. “Mother – Daughter DOULA duty. Today I am training a very capable doula who is shadowing me while we assist a mommy in labor with twins.”

Badu’s post led to speculations that Summer was pregnant with twins before the public knew.

The “On & On” soul singer also aided in the birth of Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert’s second daughter, Rue, and model Slick Woods’ son in 2018.





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