‘Survivor’ presenter Nico Panagio parts ways with Woolworths

January 5, 2023 0 By Cypher9ja

South African shopping retailer, Woolworths, has been trending since Wednesday morning on social media after actor and television presenter Nico Panagio ‘parted ways’ with them due to increasing food prices.

“Dear @WOOLWORTHS_SA been wonderful having you around – great quality (most of the time) however since you keep putting your prices up (weekly it seems), you’re gonna see us less & less. Thought I should tell you since we’ve been in a trading relationship for so very long,” Panagio tweeted on Tuesday.

Panagio’s tweet was barely posted when Mzansi took to the comments section of his post to air their grievances about the store’s outrageous prices.

While many Tweeps commented that Woolworths is not the only retailer to have increased their prices so dramatically over the last couple of weeks, others mentioned specific product price hikes that they simply just can’t live with any longer.

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Woolworths price increases Mzansi just can’t deal with anymore

Salami sticks

This cured sausage treat is very similar to drywors, a South African favourite, but South Africans are not happy about having to fork out R174.99 for a 400g pack at Woollies.

Twitter user Nomaswazi Hlope complained that these delicious treats went up by R25 in the matter of about two weeks.

Pieter van den Berg commented that he too would be parting ways with the store as long life milk used to cost R72 for 6 cartons, it then increased to R79, then R89 and now he has to fork out a whopping R111 for milk.

Mzansi reacts to increasing food prices:

While it was reported in November 2022 that the price of the average household food basket increased by 2.3% in a month – from R4 219.48 to R4 317.56 – and by more than R400 (or 10.2%) from a year ago, there is light at the end of the dark tunnel.

South African’s aren’t the only ones upset by increasing food prices. American rapper and songwriter Cardi B also took to Twitter on Tuesday, to complain about how expensive groceries have become.

“Naaaaaa grocery shopping prices are ridiculous right now. You might as well eat outside!” the star Tweeted.

Hopefully with the petrol and diesel price having decreased on Wednesday, consumers can expect some relief on their monthly grocery bill.

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