SZA’s ‘SNL’ Song ‘Big Boys’ Has Blown Up On TikTok

Not infrequently, Saturday Night Live comes out with a new song for a sketch. They aren’t really meant to be chart-topping hits, but just passable, relatively enjoyable bits of music that are mostly intended to be joke vehicles. A few weeks ago, though, SNL shared a sketch called “Big Boys,” which featured musical guest SZA singing a hook that’s catchier than most SNL tunes.

That and the funny premise of the song (big-bodied men are more desirable as romantic partners when it’s cold out) have vaulted the song to some notable success on TikTok: Pop Crave notes the song has been used as a sound in well over half a million TikTok videos. SZA has taken note of this and is delighted by the song’s reception, tweeting yesterday, “[The] way y’all blew up a spoof song from snl is KILLING ME [crying emojis].”

She also recently told Entertainment Weekly of the song, “That was [made in] 15 minutes at the end of a rehearsal. I just went in there and they were like, ‘This is our ‘Big Boys’ song. Would you be down to do this hook?’ And I was like, ‘Yes.’ I did it with my engineer, and he helped out with the song. It was cool.”

Revisit “Big Boys” above.





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