Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza Return Date Revealed Detail Explored

August 5, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza return date revealed
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Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza is finally back and we have confirmation of a return date!

People were waiting for Taco Bell to bring back Mexican pizzas and there was no confirmation so far.

No doubt there were many fans who were crazy about it and one of them was Doja Cat. Now, fans can finally enjoy the taste of this delicious new pizza.

Photo by Joshua Blanchard/Getty Images for Taco Bell

Taco Bell’s Mexican Pizza return date revealed

Pizza is all set to return on September 15th. The fast food giant first introduced it in 2020 and people went crazy about it.

However, they quickly removed it from all stores and there was no way for people to lay their hands on it. With Taco Bell no longer serving Mexican pizza, people started creating their own recipes in hopes of recreating the dish at home.

Despite this, its demand never waned. In May 2022, the brand decided to launch the dish once again, and undoubtedly, its popularity was back again. However, it was quickly taken off stores within a week.

Doja Cat asked to return the dish

Doja asked Taco Bell to bring Mexican pizza back in 2020 and it was not surprising that the brand granted her request.

He was even signed by the brand as an official partner and the marketing worked well for both. Finally, fast-forward to 2022, the rapper retweeted that she wishes the dish would return and it should come as no surprise that history repeated itself as pizza returned.

Luckily, it looks like they’ll be in store for a long time.

Photo by Mike Kemp / In Pictures via Getty Images

What do we know about its return

Pizza was taken off the menu due to supply problems. However, Taco Bell has fixed it to make sure its customers get what they want.

Their official statement read: “Taco Bell worked diligently to solve substandard ingredients and supply chain challenges that originally caused long gaps in product availability. Fans eager for its return can look forward to That Mexican pizza will be completely ready.”

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