Taylor Swift Sent Surprises To A Fan, Todrick Hall Shared

Yesterday, dancer Todrick Hall opened up on an Instagram video about a sweet story for the holidays — involving none other than Taylor Swift.

Hall had received a message from his friend Holly saying someone she knew was a “gigantic Taylor Swift fan” and was recently diagnosed with Stage 4 cancer. Holly’s friend, Estelle, had thrown a Swift-themed bridal shower.

From there, Hall sent Swift videos of Estelle’s bridal shower in the hopes of fulfilling his mutual friend’s dream.

“When I saw the footage of this incredible bridal shower, I was like, ‘OK, Taylor has to see this,’” Hall said. “So I sent the videos, the footage and the message to Taylor and [she] responded so sweetly and said, ‘I would love to send her something. What is her address?’”

Swift went on to gift Estelle a box of merch and possibly other surprises… maybe tickets to The Eras Tour?

“I know that she has a smile from ear to ear,” Hall added. “She’s been DM’ing me all day.”

“I just wanted you to know there are so many stories like this that that I could tell, but this story in particular warmed my heart,” he told listeners. “I hope it touched your heart, I hope it put a smile on your face.”





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