The Spiritual Meaning Behind The Opening Of The Lion Gate Portal In 2022 Explained

August 5, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

The spiritual meaning behind the opening of the Lion Gate portal in 2022 explained – Kuri007
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The Lion Gate Portal is set to open soon, but what is the spiritual and astrological meaning behind it, and how important is the date 8/8 in 2022?

It is said that like every year, the opening of the Lion Gate Portal has brought a lot of positive energy and change in the lives of the people.

In fact, social media has been flooded with the meaning behind this mighty day and if you’re curious, we’ve got all the details about it.

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When is Lion Gate Portal opening in 2022?

The Lion Gate Portal is set to open on August 8, 2022, and hence the 8/8 event. Like every year, this year too this event will bring a lot of positivity and a chance to manifest the things that you have always wanted in life.

Manifesto allows you to put your dreams and ideas into the world to ensure that the universe helps you achieve what you want.

This is one way of making sure that you are subconsciously taking all the steps to make sure that you are capable of achieving everything that you have been dreaming about.

Meaning of Lion Gate Portal Explained

As reported by Woman and Home, 8/8 is considered a day of abundance and as you see the number “eight,” it also represents the sign of infinity.

Given that it opens in the month of Leo, a sign known for its strength and pride, this day is considered excellent for those who wish to appear.

With the opening of the Lion Gate portal every year, people have a chance to grow and develop personally. If you have an image of what you want to be, it’s time to reveal it.

The opening of the Lion Gate portal helps you become the best version of yourself and achieve everything you were dreaming about.

Photo by Historica Grafica Collection / Heritage Images / Getty Images

Some rituals you can try

One of the ways that has garnered a lot of attention on social media platforms such as TikTok is the 369 method. It’s a way for you to tell the universe what you want while taking a step forward to heal your body and soul.

To try this method, follow the steps below:

  1. Choose the three affirmations you want in your life. It can be anything from buying your favorite luxury item to being emotionally strong and in control of your emotions.
  2. Once you have your aspirations, you have to say or write those things on a piece of paper six times. This is done to ensure that the universe hears your message loud and clear.
  3. Finally, imagine yourself with those affirmations for nine seconds. Make it as accurate and realistic as possible. This not only motivates you to work harder but also allows the universe to guide you through it in no small way.

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