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Theoretical Foundations Of Research, Complete Writing Examples – Kuri007
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Theoretical Basis

Paper topics about Theoretical basis in research, it includes comprehension, complete with examples and structured writing, to make it easier to understand.

What is the basis of theory,,, this is one of the ways to do research so that the basis of this theory has a basis if you want to do research in research such as making papers and theses and so on, this can also be used. so that it is easy to run to make an essay by listing the methods of the theoretical foundation.

For more details, just check out the discussion below:

Definition of Foundation Theory

Ldance theory it is a concept that has a structured and structured statement with variables in the study because the theoretical basis becomes a solid basis for the research that needs to be done.

Therefore, creating a good theoretical foundation for research will be one of the most important things, because the theoretical foundation becomes the foundation for the research itself.

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An example of Foundation Theory

After understanding and paying attention to the theoretical basis above, from the conceptual framework, here we will also provide examples of theoretical foundations in research including:

A. Definition and Understanding

The foundation found in the theoretical foundation is a statement that is appropriate and works to define the variables that will be tested in order to formulate a problem in the form of a hypothesis for the construction of a research instrument.

On the basis of the theory there are several things that should be considered, namely: (1) the name of the author of the theory, (2) the year and place of origin, (3) the scientific description of the theory, (4) the relation of the theory to the theory to achieve the goals or objectives through the research.

The conceptual framework is the core of the theory that will be developed by supporting the creation of theories to be developed to provide a way to solve problems related to change.

This is also an assumption in the research that should be mentioned if the research contains two or more variables because it contains variables that will be created as related concepts.

In order to find hypotheses in the form of relationships, it is necessary to determine the way of thinking that is produced in the form of collective thinking so that the patterns of collective thinking can be used in the form of a sentence, based on the ideas of scientific work as a basis. so that the argument can form a framework that will express the ideas.

A hypothesis is a step in research after laying the foundations of the theory with a theoretical framework the theory itself comes from two words, hypo and thesis.

Hypo means doubt and thesis means truth so that the two words are combined and have the meaning of the truth that we doubt.

There are several opinions about this idea

  • According to Hadi Sabari Yunus (2010:243), a hypothesis is a passing statement about observed facts.
  • Meanwhile, Sugiyono, (2011:64) says that a hypothesis is a temporary response to a research problem.
  • Another opinion about the hypothesis of Iqbal Hasan (2004: 13) is that the hypothesis is a provisional sentence and still needs to be tested.

Therefore, the conclusion of the hypothesis is a temporary statement of the research with a weak truth to be confirmed empirically by the guidelines related to the variables in the hypothesis itself.

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B. Standards and Theoretical Focus

There are three levels of theory according to Neuman, 2003, namely:

  • Micro-level theory is a micro-space in time and space that is sequential as an abstract concept.
  • Meso level theory is a scalable theory that connects the micro and macro levels at the fundamental level.
  • The grand-level theory is the statement that the level of action is greater than the sum total of which we have a social movement system.

Furthermore, the statement by Neuman, 2003 divides the theoretical focus into three areas including the following:

  • Noun theory is a problem that can improve social relations with RAS.
  • Formal theory is a theory that can be developed to apply a broader concept to the general theory of social tools.
  • Field theory is in the form of abstract theory or empirical theories for use in sociology for empirical investigation.

C. Application of Theory to Research

Regarding the research work that has the practicality of the theoretical basis, it can be divided into three parts, which are as follows:

  • Clarification and refinement of the scope or construct in terms of flexibility to be tested.
  • Like predictions and directions by finding the most important fact to form ideas and plan research tools based on predictions.
  • As a control it can be used to discuss the results of the study by making suggestions to solve the problems.

The conclusion

What we have explained above is that it can be concluded that the method of the general concept can be found in a way that must be asked about the truth so that the theoretical model of various things has become a problem in the formulation of the problem. when research is done it will be suggested.

It is clear that these theoretical foundations are related and cannot be resolved in research because researchers need to deepen the information as a guide.


From the comments above, here is a list of books available on the basis of this theory, among them:

  • Hadi S. Jonah’s book essay on Contemporary Regional Research Methodology 2010: Yogyakarta
  • Hasan’s book. M Iqbal on Analysis of research data with statistics 2014 : Jakarta
  • Books from Sugiyono with Quantitative Qualitative Research Methods 2011 : Bandung

That’s all we can convey about the discussion of the theoretical basis and examples, I hope that this article can be useful and beneficial to all of us, thank you very much.

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