These are the fastest 5G smartphones in South Africa

November 22, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday just a few days away, Ookla has revealed data to help shoppers navigate deals with hard data on the fastest 5G popular devices.

The Global fixed broadband and mobile network testing company used Speedtest Intelligence to look at 5G performance data in the 10 countries with the highest number of connected mobile devices according to GSMA that also had an established 5G market during Q3 2022.


The analysis examined the five fastest popular 5G devices in a given country.

To be included, a device had to have a market share of greater than or equal to 0.5% of all devices and a minimum sample size of 100 devices in a given market.

Each market Ookla examined included only 5G samples from every 5G provider in a given country.

“That means performance most likely varies network to network and country to country,” it said.

Ookla said Speedtest Intelligence showed competition for the fastest popular 5G was incredibly tight in South Africa, with no statistically fastest 5G device during the review period.

Median download speeds

  • Samsung Galaxy S22+ at 228.31 Mbps
  • Apple iPhone 13 mini at 226.44 Mbps,
  • Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra at 218.26 Mbps
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro Max at 212.94 Mbps
  • Apple iPhone 13 Pro at 211.73 Mbps

Smartphone upgrades

“Consumers looking to upgrade their phone have some great options here, and we suspect the new Apple and Samsung models are incredibly competitive with these devices,” Ookla said.

Ookla added that some newer technology device models like the iPhone 14, Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 and Google Pixel 7 launched in select markets on different days and may not have been included in the Q3 2022 analysis.

“The launch of the new iPhone 14 and Samsung Galaxy Z Fold4 models has already shown that new devices are speeding ahead and we’ll be monitoring results for the rest of the year.


“If you end up getting a great Black Friday deal to upgrade your phone, be sure to download the iOS or Android Speedtest app to make sure your mobile operator is delivering the speeds you need,” Ookla added.

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