“Tom Brady Does A Good Job Fumbling The Ball”

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“Tom Brady Does A Good Job Fumbling The Ball” – Kuri007
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Tom Brady has officially turned 45. He is still playing at a high level, which is impressive for anyone over 40. Under these circumstances, it’s not crazy to think he could be the oldest quarterback in the league by the time he retires. .

Even though it was his birthday, not every word that came in was praising him. Shannon Sharpe took the opportunity to call out the legendary quarterback, saying this It cannot be disputed:

“And now at this point in his career, if only he can avoid the big hits, if only he can avoid the odd scale where he doesn’t see someone’s eyes or whips and he gets hit on the back. Or, you know, he fumbles the ball. But Tom does a good job of fumbling the ball.”

Sharpe seems to believe that Brady would rather dream than beat a quarterback who might be half his age:

“Well, I won’t give you a shoulder so you don’t take my shoulder off. As long as he doesn’t have a knee injury that keeps him out for a long time.”

He went on to add that Brady is playing smart, and that he is taking care of himself by avoiding major injuries. For that reason, Sharpe sees the quarterback playing at least a few more seasons.

“I believe that the way the rules are set and the way he plays the game. He gets the ball out very quickly, which reduces the chance of the defense to hit him. I believe he can play 46, which will be next year. Be 24 years old, yes, he plays. Yes, yes, yes, too he’s going to play. So he’s playing two more seasons.”

At some point, age should catch up with Brady, but that may be a while away.

Why is Tom Brady coming out of retirement?

There are many theories as to why the future Hall of Famer may have decided to come out of retirement, and no one really knows why except perhaps the former Patriot himself and those around him.

This fake retirement thing is really a good thing, @TomBrady. Thank you for paving the way for me. We are indeed two identical men, following the same journey of life.

However, many theories make a lot of sense. One popular theory is that the news of Tom Brady’s retirement was misreported. The quarterback did not make an initial announcement.

Tom Brady At Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp
Tom Brady at Tampa Bay Buccaneers Training Camp

This time, the quarterback decided to retire so as not to embarrass NFL reporters with whom he may have a good relationship. After 40 days, he is back as if he never left.

Video: “Everybody here loves Rob,” Tom Brady said when asked about Rob Gronkowski’s retirement.

Another popular idea is that you want to come out ahead. He really has nothing to prove, but ending on a high note rather than an early playoff exit is exciting.

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