Top Trending Videos Of The Week ( 19 August

August 26, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Several trending videos emerge during the week that had entertained during the week. One of the trending video witnessed Sanna Marin, the prime minister of Finland, who was currently grappling with backlash as a result of a trendy partying video becoming viral on social media. In the popular video, the prime minister of Finland can be seen singing and dancing with her friends. After the video was posted to social media, Marin came under pressure from the opposition, with some demanding that she take a drug test.

A woman who appeared to be from a wealthy society was spotted in Noida’s Sector-126 abusing a guard who was on duty, according to a viral video. The woman uses the most vile words conceivable while pushing and manhandling the guard. The reason for the woman’s apparent anger seemed to be the guard’s tardiness in unlocking the main door to the residential society.

In a viral video, an elderly man who was bedridden experienced a touching moment with his family as they uplifted him by dancing the Bhangra. A video released on Twitter by IPS officer HGS Dhaliwal shows the family dancing to the lively song 3 Peg by Punjabi musician Sharry Mann. The camera pans to the left and shows a frail old guy on a hospital bed.

On the internet, there are innumerable inspirational stories of food delivery CEOs who surmounted difficulties to provide for their families. A popular video of a man who works as a delivery partner for Zomato is now touching online fans.

On Instagram, food blogger Saurabh Panjwani posted a small video introducing the delivery driver who travels with his son and daughter to every delivery location.

A Punjabi-English in-flight statement delivered by an IndiGo pilot that is currently trending online was captured on camera. In a video uploaded to Twitter, the IndiGo pilot could be seen speaking to the throng and providing a warm welcome.

According to the caption, the pilot of the Bangalore to Chandigarh flight gave some advice to the passengers in a mix of Punjabi and English. The popular video has received over a thousand likes and almost 44,000 views.

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