Tweeps divided by Sho Madjozi’s ‘drunk’ video

November 18, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Tweeps were in stitches after a “drunken” video of South African rapper and poet Maya “Sho Madjozi” Wegerif went viral over the weekend.

In a video clip shared on social media, Twitter, rapper Da L.E.S and Madjozi had a sit down on his podcast Da LES & Friends where the John Cena hitmaker was promoting her children’s book Sho Ma and the Stars, amongst other things.

During the interview Sho Madjozi is a tad intoxicated as the two were sipping alcoholic drinks and smoking marijuana; and Madjozi kept slurring her words when promoting the book.

Madjozi responds

When Da L.E.S asked the songwriter more about the book, she therefore deviated into musing about the nose of the book’s protagonist.

“Please can you look at how cute the nose is,” she said to the rapper.

Following the video making rounds on social media, the Huku hitmaker tried to make light of the situation saying “never again”, possibly referring to her drunken moment.

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Tweeps in stitches

Tweeps were left divided with some citing it was not an appropriate platform for the author to promote a kids project on, as there’s alcohol involved. Though, others found the video hilarious.

Entertainment commentator Phil Mphela took to Twitter to express his disappointments of the video.

“I know some found this funny. To each his own. Where was Sho’s manager? Why didn’t anyone from her team stop this? It’s a children’s book. She is clearly inebriated. Why would anyone in that room think its ok for her to plug a kids’ book in this setup,” tweeted Mphela.

“When you ask what Sho Majozi was doing on Da Les’ platform promoting that kind of work, you will be told that you are policing her. Because it’s just vibes, everyone laughing at how intoxicated she seems, without looking at the concerns,” another Twitter user wrote.

“Da Les got Sho Madjozi f**ked up. She couldn’t even complete a single sentence,” one joked.

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