Twitter Secures Major Security Bug, Leaks Data Of 5.4 Million Users

August 9, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

Twitter Secures Major Security Bug, Leaks Data Of 5.4 Million Users – Trends72
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California, Gizmologi – News related to user data leaks are really unpredictable and unpleasant news, both for data managers and users themselves. Recently, Twitter has patched a critical security hole. Because it has enabled hackers to take millions of user data.

Although there have been a number of efforts made by this San Francisco-based company to protect user data and activities, it turns out that something like this still happens. This data breach case is related to a code change that took place from June 2021, which was later fixed in early 2022.

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Specifically, in January, Twitter received reports from those who participated in the bug bounty program—reporting security holes and then being rewarded with a certain amount of value. It is known that when someone enters an email address or phone number in the system, Twitter will notify the account associated with the above two details.

Twitter User Data Sold For Rp440 Million

Twitter Data Leak - 001
Forum member selling Twitter data on Bleached Forums (source: BleepingComputer)

After an error related to personal information was discovered, Twitter quickly investigated and fixed the security hole. “At the time, we had no evidence that anyone had exploited the vulnerability,” he was quoted as saying in an official Twitter statement on Friday (5/8). However, it turned out that sometime between June 2021 and January 2022, some hackers were able to take advantage of this situation.

This fact was discovered by Twitter in July 2022 yesterday, with media reports if there are groups selling information obtained through Twitter’s security hole, before it was closed. This was later confirmed by the Privacy Restore site.

It is known that the data was sold on Breached Forums, a well-known forum related to data breaches, which includes the data of 1 billion people in China. The seller provided data to 5.4 million Twitter users at a cost of USD 30 thousand, or approximately Rp. 440 million. It contains the data of celebrities, companies, and other users on Twitter which is also verified for its validity with a sample of the data provided.

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Regarding this incident, Twitter will directly notify account owners if their accounts are among those successfully hacked by a hacker. It is not clearly stated who, because Twitter understands the number of accounts that really want to remain anonymous on its platform, and apologizes for incidents that may threaten their anonymity.

To maintain the security of personal data, Twitter advises its users not to use a publicly known phone number or email address on its site. They also ensure that there are no password leaks at all, and they also recommend using two-factor authentication (2FA) so that no login attempts can be successful.

Twitter also offers a special form for users who want to ask questions about how they protect their personal data. If Gizmo friends are also curious, you can send directly to the Data Protection Office using the following link.

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