Two French DJ’d remix Big Boy’s gender-based violence song

November 16, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

@trinixmusic Amazing vocals, so touching… we had to remix it ???????????????? #singers #shcool #remix ♬ son original – TRINIX

Two French DJs and producers unknowingly remixed a painful isiZulu song about the gender-based violence scourge, initially sung by local artist Siyabonga Nene aka Big Zulu.

The duo, known as Trinixmusic, dueted a video of school children in their classroom singing a haunting rendition of the song, led by a young lady.

Trinixmusic described the vocals as “amazing and touching” and that they just had to remix it.

However, it becomes apparent that the french-speaking DJs are oblivious to the painful meaning behind the song, “uBaba ulala nami”, which translates to ‘My father is sleeping with me’.

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The second and third lines of the song: Ncela ungilekelele, carry a twofold meaning: Please see me through or hear me out.

‘Sengifana nomuntu’ – I look like I’m married to my father

See the original song here

The video, which is doing the rounds on TikTok, garnered mixed reactions, with some forgiving the duo for jamming to a gender-based violence song because of the language barrier. At the same time, others found the lyrics too close to home.

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@Rele_ posted, “I really wonder if these DJs understand the lyrics of the song. It’s sad considering SAs biggest pandemic”.

Uster @Carlito pointed out that the song was a cry for help and not ‘vibing’ material.

Despite the glaring spotlight on South Africa’s gender-based violence shame, 2022 started like any other year, with 10 818 women and children raped in the first three months, which was actually 1 300 more cases reported in the same period last year. 

Tiktok song duets popular among musicians

Dueting songs across nations and cultures is common on the short video app.

Big hitters like John Legend jumped on the dueting train with his open-verse segment.

@mthandazogatya #duet with @John Legend #nervous #johnlegend #openversechallenge #fytシ ♬ Nervous – John Legend

The practice allows musicians across cultures to connect with like-minded musicians and fuse music from all parts of the globe.

Compiled by Narissa Subramoney