VIDEO: DSP Nikhil Sharma MMS Video Leaked & Viral, Full Scandal!

August 9, 2022 0 By Cypher9ja

In this article, we will read about “VIDEO: DSP Nikhil Sharma MMS Video Leaked & Viral, Full Scandal!

It takes a lot of time to earn a reputation but it takes only a few seconds to destroy it. One such incident has happened with DSP Nikhil Arora who made his name with his hard work and dedication and is presently in the news not because of his good work but due to the controversy it made him. Not only this after this video her name is associated with social media star Anjali Arora. As per the exclusive reports, their personal video went viral on social media which is creating a huge controversy on social media. Anjali Arora is a well know name on social media and she got more popular after her dance video got viral on social media. Follow Our website Trends72 for the latest updates!!!!!

DSP Nikhil Sharma MMS With Anjali Arora

After that, she is usually known as “Kacha Badam Girl” who is recently featured on an OTT reality show which helps to boost her career. But now the social media star is in the limelight after her link and private MMS came into the news. The netizens and fans are shocked after watching her private MMS and her haters are claiming that she herself leaked her own video so that she gets cheap popularity. Her video with DSP Nikhil Sharma is presently all over social media and those who have the full video are widely sharing it with each other.

DSP Nikhil Sharma Leaked Video

It is not the first time she is in the news as her dancing video usually went viral on social media but this is the first time that her personal video or NSFW is making the headlines. The length of the video is around 12 minutes and her fans want to know if is she dating him. And how her private video surfaced on the web. Those people who watched the video are claiming that the girl who is seen in the video is none other than Anjali Arora. As of now, any kind of reaction from Anjali Arora has not come but her fans are waiting for her to make any comment on this. Though we would like to assert that no one has made a certain declaration that the lady in this video is a Tiktok star.

DSP Nikhil Sharma Full Scandal Link Reddit & Twitter

The video firstly surfaced on Twitter and later on went viral on another platform. After her video went viral the name of DSP Nikhil Sharma came into the limelight. Netizens are looking for more information about him but there are no websites available that can give any information or clue about him. Our sources are working on it and as soon as we find it, we will update this section. Till then the readers need to be with us and we will soon come back with more authentic information on this video. As of now we just only know that both are doing private things in the video which is making it viral.

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